Spiderman Does More Than Save The Day!


Spiderstyle. Not like doggystyle in any aspect but cool in a different way. SpiderStyle is a top shelf window cleaning service using high octane professional rappellers  to do the service. The company based in France and Qatar will never be something you will see in real life. You know why? Because it’s in Qatar and Dubai, and the only reason that it is, is because like the terrorists in the regions over there, apparently the window cleaners are just as Batshit crazy.

Mazen Harake, Managine Director of Spider Style explains the concept a bit further:

“Abseiling, or rappelling, refers to the use of ropes to scale steep slopes and is popularly used amongst rock-climbers. We’ve adapted the technique for use in the cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and residential buildings.”

Using non-damaging rope access systems and advanced technology, Harake believes that the workers’ spidey-skills are more adept at both getting to those difficult-to-reach spots and pleasing the crowds. He may be right: recent visitors to Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Residence were pleasantly surprised by Spiderman’s acrobatic skill, as well as his general mastery of cleaning techniques.

Also in sunny Dubai and Qatar if you hang out a marketplace long enough, you may get a rare glimpse of these humble people who are  SO selfless, they are called Martyrs. For a people who hate our western civilization so much, they seem to embrace some of our coolest aspects, such as Spiderman.



 Hydropolis, situated twenty metres below the surface of the Persian Gulf near Dubai, will be the first luxury underwater hotel. It’s expected to open to the public in late 2009.

One of the largest contemporary construction projects in the world [it’s the size of London’s Hyde Park], the 220 suite

“Dry Land is not a myth!! I’ve seen it!!!”

Seriously, this place is a Sci Fi futuroso’s dream. Cool looking, comtemporary, and completely brilliant innovative architecture. Should be fun, beautiful and a life changinging experience…

But I digress…Sorry.. Dubai? COME ON!!!! Thats the last Hotel I want Muslims to blow up on me! If the blast doesn’t kill me, the water flooding in will. Did anyone see Jaws 3-D? Or Deep Blue Sea? This is my nightmare, like being trapped in a submarine that doesn’t go anywhere. I’m surprised the Carribbean hasn’t built one yet.