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Don’t you love it when nerdy things you love collide? Sometimes they collide in the most fun ways. The kids from Stranger Things start their first season of the show by playing Dungeons & Dragons, coming across an evil Demogorgon in their periless adventure. Fans of the table-top roleplaying game (TTRPG) always love seeing their hobby featured in TV shows. Especially when they become as wildly popular as Stranger Things has become. Well, now the tables have turned. Where once they got our TTRPG in their TV, now we’re getting their TV in our TTRPG as Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro brings us the very adventure that Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will go on that heralds the foreshadowing of their real-life misadventure.


Dungeons & Dragons has been around for a very long time.  The popularity of the game seems to continue to grow as more people try the Fifth edition and love it.  The future of D&D seems to be in good hands since Wizards of the Coast has a good number of items that could end up on your favorite gamer’s Christmas list.

There is an adult coloring book, game adventures/supplements, several choose your own adventure style books, and books to help children learn while interacting with a D&D style story.


What do Wayne Brady, Tim Duncan, Mike Myers, Stephen Colbert, Stephen King, Vin Diesel, and Wil Wheaton all have in common?  They all play the grand daddy of all tabletop Role-Playing Games (RPGs), the venerable Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

After 44 years, the game is still going strong and in 2014 released its most recent iteration, The Fifth Edition.  This has brought many new players into the fold as people create online methods to run and play the game without having to actually be in the same room.  But the best way to enjoy the game is still in-person around a table with old (and new) friends.  However, getting started seems only slightly easier than reading War and Peace by Tolstoy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Here are some helpful tips for those interested in dipping their foot in the D&D pool as a player for the first time.


When Joe Manganiello made the news recently, it concerned the possibility that he was going to play the main villain in Ben Affleck’s The Batman movie. It looks as though that Manganiello may have to put away the mask and armour of Deathstroke the Terminator now that Matt Reeves is doing Batman, so what is a muscle-bound nerd with too much time on his hands to do? How about co-write a Dungeons & Dragons movie? Manganiello says he’s doing one with a college friend, and they’ve even had a few highly level meetings about it too. So is Deathstroke about to gives us a stroke by bringing D&D back to cinemas?  (more…)

Dungeons & Dragons has been a mainstay of nerd culture since it was first published by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. (TSR). Since 1997, the game was taken over by Wizards of the Coast and has gone through several revisions currently placing it in its 5th Edition. For decades, the game seemed to be associated with little more than young boys throwing dice in their basements while talking about girls and eating pizza (watch Stranger Things, season 1, episode 1 for a great depiction of this), but many of those young boys… and girls, the ladies love some D&D too, have grown up. Some of them have even become celebrities and one such person happens to be Hollywood’s Magic Mike himself, Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Magic Mike XXL, and One Tree Hill).



Fantasy fare at the cinema has been a mixed bag lately.  For every new film that was an entry into the Lord of the Rings universe, we had a Seventh Son that would come along and force the movie-going public to slog through a convoluted story and mediocre CGI.  Warner Brothers is attempting to, pardon the pun, rekindle the magic with a big-screen version of Dungeons & Dragons, coming our way at some point in the indeterminate future.


zero charisma

For those out of the loop, Zero Charisma is a new geek-centric film that focuses on the trials and tribulations of a Dungeon Master that begins to feel what little geek power he has slipping away when a new player arrives to challenge his hold over his players’ hearts and minds.  Okay, that may be overstating it a little, but it does look to be a much better geek flick than most.  Check out the trailer below and see what you think,



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This week on The Bastardcast, Megan Fox bounces on a trampoline, Jeremy and Jason advance the theory that Jurassic Park 4‘s delay was caused by a raptor attack, and then they talk about your Mom when discussing the latest Dungeons and Dragons movie.

Also on the show: Rubber cocks replace carrier pigeons, Marvel bets on black (and also the awesome power of Danny Rand’s V-neck), the IT Crowd tries to turn itself back on again (I’m sorry), and the boys discuss why the term “shot for shot remake” might not be the best choice of words when discussing the new Crow movie.

Do you require more giggle flakes in your bowl? Fine. We’ve also got an ALL NEW Trailergasm, and this time, our two fat assholes are talking about casting Sandra Bullock out into the dark nethers of space, one last lick of cornetto, and a boy named Ender that they don’t care about.

Holy crap this is a full show!… is a thing that you could accurately put in that iTunes review that you’ve been meaning to write, because we’ve also got the (brief) return of Taco Talk 2-Nite in “Taco Talk 2-Nite 2: Taquería Exotica”, and Jason teaches us all a little something about love.

All of that, the Handicapped Cadillac Trumpet Detective, and more on this week’s episode of The Bastardcast!


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New D&D Movie? Not So Fast Says Hasbro


The recent announcement that there was another Dungeons & Dragons movie in the works at Warner Bros was met with the usual enthusiasm by fans for the RPG franchise, but it seems that the usual Hollywood complications may be interfering with just how soon we see a finished film.

Confused yet? Well so is Hasbro. The toy company is claiming that they own the rights to any Dungeons & Dragons film since they bought D&D developers Wizards Of The Coast several years back. Hasbro, it turn, has a development deal with Universal Pictures, with whom they produced last year’s Battleship, also based on Hasbro-owned property. “Hasbro owns the intellectual property rights to Dungeons & Dragons, period, because of Hasbro’s acquisition of Wizards Of The Coast in 1998,” said Wayne Charness, a spokesperson for Hasbro.

However, Warner Bros. asserts that Courtney Solomon, director of the 2000 bomb called Dungeons & Dragons still has the rights to develop a D&D film, which he’s now doing at Warners as a producer with David Lee Johnson (Wrath of the Titans) now penning the screenplay. Meanwhile, Universal has producer Chris Morgan (five out of the six Fast & Furious movies) guiding its own adaptation of D&D.

This has all the makings of another Spider-Man or Hobbit years long legal battle over who owns the rights to what. I guess the point is don’t hold your breath for a new D&D movie for sometime in the near future.

More news as it develops.

Source: Blastr


If you’re a Dungeons & Dragons geek like I am, then you probably remember the horrible pain that struck your chest when you watched that god-awful movie that was produced around the title back in the year 2000.  Even though the property provides tons of material to work with, the makers of the film managed to screw it up so bad that it literally left people with a bad case of the runs.  Now, however, D&D may be getting a chance to redeem itself, as Warner Bros. has just purchase the rights and plans to make a new Gary Gygax-inspired flick.

Of course, if you look at the details, your hopes may be crushed.

A man by the name of David Leslie Johnson is currently in charge of the script.  Some of you may know him for his work on the action-splat dud, Wrath of the Titans.  Others may know him as the writer of some mediocre episodes of The Walking Dead.  He’s not the worst, but he’s not exactly a creative genius.  To add to the doubt, one of the producers has a history of being involved in that 2000 D&D movie fiasco.

So the project, while it definitely looks to be in the works, is up in the air creatively.  It may come down to who wants to take on the role of director of the film.  Can we get someone as passionate as those who have been jumping onboard the super hero movies as of late?  Or will this just end up being yet another Lord of the Rings copycat flick with zero brains behind it?

I remain optimistic, because there’s seriously a lot you can do with D&D if you put your mind to it.  The success really depends on whether or not they can find people that are willing to put themselves into it.  Btw, if anyone at Warner Bros. is reading this, I’d write a D&D script in a heartbeat and it would be way better than that shit movie made in 2000.  Feel free to message me.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.