Dunkin Donuts

Have you been to Dunkin Donuts lately? The coffee chain is doing a promotional Captain America: The First Avenger tie-in. They got an American themed donut; star-shaped with white icing and blue and red sprinkles on it, which is delicious. And, they’ve plastered their Coolatta cups with a logo of Caps iconic shield. They actually have a special Captain America themed Cherry flavored Coolatta- — because we all know Cap loves iced cherry flavor beverages! Yea know, Dunks does this mix-and-match option with their icy drinks, Id rather see a 3 tier Coolatta featuring cherry, coconut and blue raspberry (all flavors they have). Stars and stripes all the way or GTFO.

Anyway, the tie-ins are cute and everything, but the real wow factor comes from new Dunkin Donuts commercial. It’s actually really amazing! Basically, a suicidal dog (who’s name is Stanely. Stan Lee, get it?) takes off from it’s owner and runs thru a construction site. One of the workers sees the dog going amok and rescues him before he meets his doom at the hands of a wild nail gun. But not before we see the ordinary Joe become Captain America, visually and incrementally, through happenstance, as he commits the heroic deed (Trash can shield, blue paint).

It’s pretty clever. Plus it’s well done. The tone and cinematic-ness gives it a genuine, classy feel to it.

Of course, while all this was happening, his co-worker Bucky fell to his death.



Have you heard the Dunkin’ Donuts tagline “America Runs on Dunkin”? I dunno how much that sells you on coffee and doughy NOMs, but it sure as hell ties in rather well with Captain America: The First Avenger. You’re not a summer blockbuster unless you’re backed by some corporate food chain.

Anyway, thanks to a Captain America Dunkin’ Donuts promotion we have a new film clip and video featurette for the film. The clips shows us a pre-serum Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter arriving at the secret laboratory where he’ll be transformed into the superhero Captain America. It’s nothing spectacular by any means, but does give us brief look into some early character development.

The First Avenger: Dunkin Clip (Marvel… by IrOnMaNSM

With the promotion for X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern, I’m sure this is the first of many, many clips to come.