Dynasty Warriors

Hey gaming nerds, this shitty hand-cam footage, from the Tokyo Game Show,  is actually the new One Piece video game.

Cripes, that video quality shit. Whoever shot this, is clearly the one person left on the planet who doesn’t have and HD camera. Eh, at least he/she kept the camera steady.  Typically, in these kinds of cell-phone boot legs, there’s more hand bouncing than at game of Jenga at Michael J. Fox’s house. So… thank god for that.

Regardess, this is by far one of the flashiest games seen all year. Taking a queue from massive melee combat hit Dynasty Warriors, this game gives you endless streams of baddies to fight, all while blending it that weird/ “what the f@$#!” factor only Japan can deliver. I imagine it will please One Piece fans everywhere.

Via: Topless Robot

152448-fistOh, the ultra violence, fast action anime/manga Hokuto no Ken, Fist of the North Star over here is the states, is an awesome franchise and if ya haven’t checked it out, you should just at least experience one the first fighting scenes just to see the awesomeness of bodies exploding and such. Koei, the developers that brought us the countless of Dynasty Warriors game, has mixed Fist of the North Star with the Warriors game play (like they did with Dynasty Warriors: Gundam) and we get Hokuto Musou, which can be translated to North Star Warriors. Has not been confirmed for an American release but I can only hope it will after watching the video, which you can check out after the break or you can have your head explode. (more…)