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From the folks who bring you honest reviews of movies and games in plethora for our amusement, we bring you Honest Game Trailers getting down and dirty, as they pick apart Star Wars Battlefront by EA. The highly hyped addition to the Battlefront series was said to bring vivid graphic updates paired with all new modes of gameplay, and while Honest Game Trailer does give them just due for EA “trying” it hones in on the true qualms that many had with this game that played on our nostalgia, all the while leading us down the rabbit-hole of frustration.


Visceral Games and EA have launched a new ad for Dead Space 2, which is set for a January 25th release date. The ad aired during the Falcons vs. Packers game (you know, football) and ever since, people have either voiced how brilliant the ad is or how immature it is.

The ad shows a bunch of moms showing their reaction when exposed to Dead Space 2 footage and you can expect what their reactions were. The ad is a compilation of many reaction videos that can be found on Dead Space’s official YouTube page.

Personally I find the ad and the whole “Your Mom Hates This” campaign funny and brilliant since controversy can be benefiting if done right. Although, for the folks that want games and it’s industry to be taken seriously, the ad is viewed to be immature and may be marketing the ‘M’ rated game to the wrong audience.

What do y’all think of this whole advertising strategy? Is this nothing more than just harmless fun and something to enjoy or is Visceral and EA wrong for doing such a campaign?

Source: Destructoid, Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2