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The final Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie, Logan hit theaters this past weekend. After more than 17 years Jackman is ready to hang up his claws. Finally getting an R-Rating (proper) Wolverine movie, it was a resounding success. We here at Nerdbastards absolutely loved the movie. After its first weekend, the film is already breaking box office records for the month of March and fans are already comparing it to Chris Nolans’ The Dark Knight in regards to being one of the best, most serious and dramatic superhero movies.



One week ago today, Marvel and Netflix unleashed Daredevil season two. The praise has been very high, as it was for the first season, with laurels for the performances from original cast members Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson, as well as newcomers Jon Bernthal and Élodie Yung as key Marvel Universe figures the Punisher and Elektra, respectively. Perhaps you’ve enjoyed the series through to completion, perhaps you’re only part of the way, but in any case you’ve probably had one eye open on all the various Easter eggs and references to the comics, to other properties, and all the other corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How far did you get? (more…)


It seems to be universal opinion at this point that Jessica Jones is another impressive and enjoyable entry into the Marvel Studios canon. From the hard-boiled noir storyline to the tremendous cast including Krysten Ritter as the title character and David Tennant as maybe the scariest Marvel villain yet, Jessica Jones has been a hit with fans, critics and the general audience. And now, it’s time for that inevitable moment where we start dissecting the series for all the various references, asides and Easter eggs that it has to offer. Obsessively mining all 13-epsiodes for clues? Why not watch the following video instead? (more…)


If you’re not familiar with YouTube user Mr. Sunday, it’s time for you to set a couple of hours aside and check out his amazing work.  The guy has a YouTube channel (and a pretty sweet accent, too), and all he does is two things: 1) win (of course), and 2) root out all the hidden references and subtle “in-jokes” in movies.  He’s recently given us a lovely overview of all the easter eggs you’ll find in Ant-Man (making my planned article about the exact same thing largely irrelevant, but I ain’t hatin’), and it’s pretty darn thorough.  Give it a watch for yourself below, and then let me know in the comments: is there anything he missed that you caught?


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So Jurassic World made a bit of money this past weekend… Just kidding! It may an overwhelming butt-load of money, over half-a-billion dollars worldwide, as well as nearly beating The Avengers for the all-time opening weekend record right here in North America. Apparently, 14 years is the sweet spot for anticipation for a sequel to hit fever pitch, thus explaining why Jurassic World made more in three days than Jurassic Park III did in its entire run. So maybe you’re one of the millions of people the ponied up $10 (or $15, or $20) to see Jurassic World and you’re wondering: Was that scene/prop/shot an homage to one of the three previous Jurassic Park movies? Well relax, someone has done the work for you. (more…)

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If you are anything like the rest of the world, you probably spent much of your weekend binge watching the newest Netflix series, Marvel’s Daredevil.  If you spent your weekend becoming one with the couch as you observed Matt Murdock dispensing his brutal brand of justice, you can definitely consider it time well spent.  The series, while much darker and bloodier than its MCU siblings, displays the type of storytelling that has made Marvel Studios a force to be reckoned with.  The seamlessly woven story isn’t the only thing that the new series has in common with its brethren – As with every Marvel property, be it on the small screen or the big, the creators had some fun by dropping some Easter eggs for some of the more eagle-eyed viewers. Ready for an Easter egg hunt?  Warning – minor spoilers ahead.  Nothing too revealing but, still, you are warned. (more…)


Big Hero 6 hits theaters today and there is no question that the new superhero movie is every bit as Marvel as it is Disney, as you can tell from our spoiler-free review.  Besides being quality entertainment for pretty much anyone who isn’t made of wood, in keeping up with its siblings on both sides of the fence and in the name of Tradition, the feature boasts several blink-and-you’ll-miss-them Easter Eggs throughout the film.  While there are plenty to be found, we are just going to talk about the best 7 of the bunch and will leave some of the fun for you.  The movie itself is absolutely stellar and the animation will have you deeply immersed in the world of San Fransokyo, so if you are checking it out for the first time, I would highly recommend that you take the time to enjoy the movie, then search out those hard to find eggs on your second viewing but, hey, I’m not your mom!  By the way, spoilers aplenty follow, so now is the time to go back if you want to see the movie with a fresh eye.


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I’m terrible with easter eggs unless they’re right smack dab in my face. And also have to do with comic book characters. While I’m talking about comic book characters, thanks to Robert Kirkmann’s winning series, ‘The Walking Dead,’ let’s center on the television show. Yeah, we hunt eggs on this site from time to time. We found a bunch of stuff from ‘The Flash.’ Then there was ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ buzz, because that movie could do no wrong around here. Once, there were physical ‘Walking Dead’ easter eggs to talk about in a post. But unlike that time when we found The Governor’s patio umbrella in Terminus, the eggs I’m talking about have been going on since the beginning of Season One. (more…)

Time For A ‘Flash’ Easter Egg Hunt!


We are only weeks away from the premiere of CW’s newest addition to their DC lineup, The Flash, and most fans of the character couldn’t be more excited.  So, CW decided to up the ante a bit just to see if they could make some heads explode by releasing the latest poster for the freshman series, and it is chock full of Easter Eggs! (more…)


For many movie fans, especially when it comes to comic book movies, part of the fun in watching the films is searching for those Easter Eggs that are generally sprinkled from beginning to end. For the uninitiated, “Easter Eggs” refer to the hidden winks that movie makers put into movies as a way of tipping their hat to quick-eyed viewers. Remember how Captain America’s shield made a brief appearance in the first Iron Man movie back in 2008?: (more…)