Ed Pressman


Lather, rinse, repeat. You’ll find that on just about every bottle of shampoo you’ll ever buy. The Shampoo Instructions Urban Myth tells the story that during a meeting to improve sales, a clever employee added the word repeat to the original instructions of Lather, Rinse and doubled sales. Hollywood has its own Shampoo instructions, Make Movie, Make Sequels, Remake Movie. This time around producer Ed Pressman (American Psycho) is back with news about the upcoming Crow remake/reboot. (more…)


We’ve been bringing up The Crow remake on and off for the last few years. The last time we mentioned anything, it looked far from promising, even for a remake. Bradley Cooper had left the project and Relativity Media was eying Mark Wahlberg, Channing Tatum and Trance star James McAvoy  to replace him for the lead. All of whom passed. If not one of the pieces of male eye candy was interested, then it’s a sure sign this project is a real stinker. Or… is it?  Now, a certain trickster of the gods is in talks to play forlorn anti-hero Eric Draven…and it could change everything.

Tom Hiddleston, known for his role as Thor and Avengers villain Loki, is in early talks to take over the role star Brandon Lee tragically made famous nearly two decades ago. You hear that? That’s the sound of a million fan-girls collectively losing their shit!

According to The Wrap, who first made the announcement, Tom was said to have had dinner with the producers including Ed Pressman, Kevin Misher, and Relativity’s Ryan Kavanaugh and Jeff Most who were impressed with Hiddleston’s range as an actor and performer. Not only that, Tom is also said to have submitted his own makeup test that he did on his own in London.

A major name like Hiddleston attached to the project would bring in not only fans of the James O’Barr comic book series, but the score of Avengers fans that seemingly follow the actor’s every move. Fingers crossed ladies.

The Crow is scheduled to star shooting this fall with no word on when it is slated for theaters.

Source: /Film