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Contemporary Hollywood is indulging its fetish for remakes a lot right now. Disney has already begun its extensive series of live action remakes of classic movies. An almost unrecognizable version of Jumanji is well on its way to the big screen, with new incarnations of classics spanning everything from The Labyrinth to Scarface planned to follow in the future. And it’s not just remakes toying with the stories we love – sequels, prequels and extended universe movies are constantly adding to the lore and histories of contemporary culture’s most popular cinematic worlds. (more…)

Eddie Murphy and Mike Myers Talk ‘Shrek 5’


The most recent installment in the Shrek franchise, Shrek Forever After, certainly wasn’t the peak of the series. After kicking off to a truly monumental start way back in 2001 with the topsy-turvy story of a hero ogre who falls in love with a beautiful green princess, the later movies didn’t quite live up to bar set by the first two. But DreamWorks has now had a six year break since then and is back with an all new sequel that, they promise, will return the series to its former glory. (more…)


Here’s another one of those projects that churns up every now and then, the fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie. Part three was released a way back in 1994, and that was about seven years after the highly successful Beverly Hills Cop II came out, but while it seems like cinema has moved past Beverly Hills Cop, that doesn’t mean that Jerry Bruckheimer and Eddie Murphy have given up on the idea. Spinning off the movies into a CBS series featuring Axel Foley’s son came to not, so it’s back to the drawing board and a new film, which now has new directors. (more…)

Having suffered through horrid CG adaptations Scooby Doo, Garfield, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Marmaduke and The Smurfs, I’ve long past the point of saying “there goes my childhood”. I’ve reached the point of disappointment and dissatisfaction, that I’ve literally transformed into a burning red mass of hate and disgust; with cartoon like steam out of my ears. Is there really no one in Hollywood that can still write a decent kids adventure comedy? *grumbles*

To further illustrate the damnation of animated history, I present onto you, test footage from live-action/CG adaptions of Marvin the Martian and Hong Kong Phooey. Both were/are projects from director Alex Zamm (Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, the upcoming Little Rascals).

In the combo embed you’ll find below, the first footage is for Hong Kong Phooey. It features Eddie Murphy (voice) as the kung fu pup talking with Spot, his sidekick cat. No crime-fighting is depicted. Just potty humor involving dog drinking from a toilet. Isn’t funny how the play up the staple of dog humor? *sarcastic laugh*

Then there is Marvin the Martian. I wouldn’t call this test footage. It’s more whole, almost like a full-on short. And, as a short, it’s rather cute. A kid hoping for an X-box for Christmas, opens up a box containing the pint sized Martian and comical destruction ensues. Again, it works for the few minutes shown. As a full feature, however, it would totally blow. The last thing the Looney Tunes name needs is a Marvin hopping around town with an immature kid.

Thankfully, Marvin never got fully developed. The project went kablooey. Hong Kong Phooey on the other hand, well that’s still happening. At least I think it is. Studios releasing test footage like this, however,  this usually means the projects are dead.

I really hope neither of these make there way to the big screen. At least not as full features anyway. I wouldn’t mind so much if they were shorts.

Check em’ out below and tell us what you think.

More of the 80s looks to be making its way across the decades to haunt us here in the present with the shadows past glories.  This time around it’s going to be Beverly Hills Cop, though instead of just rebooting the film series as most like to do, this go the famous Eddie Murphy franchise will be coming to television.

In truth, this is not so much a reboot as a continuation of where last we left off.  The television series will revolve around the son of the main character, Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy).  And who’s up for the starring role?  Brandon T. Jackson of Tropic Thunder fame.

The new show will supposedly follow the antics of lil’ Foley as he performs the same job that daddy once did – copping it up in land of monies and loose-moraled teenagers.  As a bonus, Murphy will be showing up, at least for the pilot.  If the show begins to tank, I’m guessing they’ll try to bring him back as much as possible to keep ratings up.

Anyone out there looking forward to reliving their childhood movie experience with a new cop in the BH?  Me, I can take it or leave it.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

CBS has set it’s sights on casting character actor Brandon T. Jackson in the lead role of their television Beverly Hills Cop adaptation. You’ve seen Jackson in films including Tropic Thunder, Lottery Ticket, Fast & Furious Percy Jackson; Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son and others.

The show would focus on Axel Foley’s (Eddie Murphy) son Aaron (Brandon Jackson) with Murphy making guest appearances. Aaron’s beat would be in Beverly Hills where he would us a mixture of comedy and action to take down the criminal elements threatening the rich and famous while trying to live up to or perhaps live down his father’s reputation.

The truly interesting part of this production is participation of the creator of The ShieldShawn Ryan, who is the creative force behind the scenes. As a huge fan of The Shield I’m very interested to see how Ryan translates his tough, violent style of police drama to a franchise that is known for its mix of action and comedy, with comedy taking a lead role. I don’t remember laughing too many times when watching The Shield, just a lot of grimacing and “Oh Shit” moments.

I do like this casting choice, he was really good in Tropic Thunder. What do you think about this casting choice and the show in general?

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The BastardCast Versus Doctor Who

With Doctor Who about to return, Jason and special guest Who-expert Steven Sautter debate Davies v. Moffat, and discuss the Ponds’ coming exit, which Doctors might come back next year for the 50th anniversary, and more while Jeremy mostly reads comic books in silence.

Prior to that, Jeremy and Jason discuss their collectible addictions, the possibility of a Brett Ratner Justice League film, the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show, and Eddie Murphy working hard to soil both the remaining shards of his legacy and the realm of television.

Later, in Dirty Nerdy Confessions, Jason admits that he sings to his technology and Jeremy finds a way to trick his wife into playing with his joystick.


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Those things that Jason mentioned:

4th World Comics and Chosen One Collectibles in Suffolk County New York on the island that is long.

Now heading for TV…

We knew one day it would happen — more Beverly Hills Cop, more Eddie Murphy dusting off his Lions jacket and his Judge Reinhold — after-all, the original was big in the 80s and those things tend to come back from the dead more often than [insert obvious zombie joke here]. Oh obvious zombie joke, you are hi-larious. *slams table* ALRIGHT! Enough tom-foolery, onto the facts.

Vulture is reporting that Murphy, fresh off the release of the… memorable (which is an adjective that can be used to describe things that are either good or bad) Thousand Words, Meet Dave, Imagine That, Tower Heist, and… shit this is depressing. Anyway, Murphy has been in bad things lately, but the one thing we most likely remember him from is Beverly Hills Cop, where he played Achnell… Achwell… Axel Foley and now it looks like we may see more of Foley, this time on the television. Alright, now you say “Get the fuck outa here!” and I say “No I cannot, I’m serious because it’s very important piece.”

The movie franchise has been hibernating since 1994’s poorly received Beverly Hills Cop 3, though a reboot/rehash/4th film has been discussed, which means we just haven’t heard that it is officially dead yet. This project, however, would allow Murphy to breathe new life into the character — teaming up with Shield creator Shawn Ryan (who deserves better) and a sucker network to bring us something like an “hourlong crime procedural with strong comedic elements” and a “Buddy Cop” show that may (occasionally) feature Murphy and possibly an actor who would play his son in the main role. That is unless Murphy decides to play both roles, something that is highly possible should his son be written as extremely corpulent or an offensive stereotype.

The show is still in the planning stages, which means there is still time to stop it. How do we accomplish this? I need you to buy a brimless leather cap and go to Nepal. Once there you will have to carry a glass of water through an obstacle course; at the end of that course is Brigitte Nielsen, you must scale her and wrestle the Ajanti Dagger from her cleavage. A word of caution though — when scaling Brigitte Nielsen you must keep your thoughts as pure as the water (this used to be more of a problem). Once this is done you must sell the dagger on eBay and use the money to build a website called “NoAxelNo.com” and start an online petition — because those are always so succesful.

Alright, I really mailed this one in so as a special treat for making it all the way to the end, here is a video of Eddie Murphy talking about Herpes.