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After Warner Bros. announced that New Line Cinema would be handling all the DC Comics Vertigo titles development back in June, many have wondered which titles would get the big screen treatment. At the time of that announcement, Warner passed New Line the already in production Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Sandman film. Now you can add 100 Bullets, created by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, to the budding list of Vertigo movie titles. Word is making the Internet rounds that Tom Hardy ( Mad Max: Fury Road, Warrior) has joined the 100 Bullets team as a producer and is in talks to take a starring role. (more…)

‘Before Watchmen’ Adds Another Title

Another bit of blasphemy and bliss, all rolled into one, it is the Before Watchmen series and, if DC has their way, it may just go on forever.  The latest news concerns the addition of one more two-issue mini-series to the run.  Being as how all the major characters have been covered, who could they possibly be focusing on now?  Turns out that the not-so-major character of Moloch will be the new title’s subject.

Moloch played a small but important role in the original Watchmen series and has been making brief appearances in the new comics as well.  Still, one has to wonder at what could be so compelling about the character that DC has decided they want to tack him on to the new releases.

J. Michael Straczynski is set to write the new story with Eduardo Risso in charge of the art.  The fact that Straczynski is in charge and that it was his inspiration that brought about the story’s concept in the first place gives me some degree of hope, but I have begun to grow fearful of what this may portend.

I’ve been a supporter of the addition of new Watchmen material, but personally it feels like they’re digging a little bit deep here.  DC has already stated that they’ll keep producing more Before Watchmen as long as people keep buying them.  It has all the signs of a money-munching franchise in the making.  This leads me to worry that DC will just tack it into their existing lines and keep going with the thing until the apocalypse comes, milking if for all it’s worth and slowly draining away the continuity and purpose of Alan Moore’s original creation.

The two issues of Before Watchmen: Moloch will be hitting stands on November 7th and December 26th.  They will (hopefully) be followed by the single-issue epilogue that sounds the end of the Watchmen revisit, stopping it before it gets too out of hand.


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