Every once in a while, a movie is released that is so well written, so well directed, so fundamentally GOOD that the film becomes more than just some scenes recorded on celluloid – they become the movies that remind us why we love movies in the first place.  Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, The Godfather; these are just a few examples of movies that not only pleased generations of audiences but actually carved a place in American culture.  Now, in the 21st Century, where we have the technology to bring pretty much any aspect of our imagination to life, filmmakers are exploring ways to make the best movies possible and this movement is giving birth to a slew of films that will remain important throughout time.  Then, there’s Lionsgate who, for whatever reason, has decided to throw out any attempt at making a movie that matters and has now turned back to making more entries in a franchise that is…less than epic – The Twilight Saga.  That’s right. There are more of these movies on the way. (more…)

vampire-fightOne ah ah ah, two ah ah ah, three ah ah ah. Yeah I stop there since it may annoy some of you and I’m sure this picture will annoy some fans but I can say the majority will love it because damn sure I love it. I always liked The Count and knew that if things has to go down, The Count can hold his own and who ever drew this had the same thought. Now I have The Count just standing above him saying “You’ve got knock the f%^*ed out! Ah ah ah!” in my head and I’m sure I’ll be saying it at work today, thank you internet.

Source: Nerd Salad

Available at jinx.com

Available at jinx.com

First, someone buy me that shirt in the photo above – everyone knows that Buffy Summers would kick any of those sparkly vampires’ asses. It’s right here at jinx.com. Just $19.99. I’m a small or medium. Thanks.

Next: Ew, ew, EW! I submit the ickiness below as reason #627 why the guys who see “Twilight” are creepy. Um, I guess I should add that the freaks in the “Missed Connections” section of Craigslist are creepy too, huh? Consider it added, and with a double side of EW! Can you believe this weirdo? I guess that’s how you get your kicks in Fargo:

i sat behind you at he midnight showing of New Moon last night. Me: medium height, dark hair, long nails, mysterious. You: straight long blond hair, full ruby lips, you were wearing black cargo pants and a twilight hoodie. as your hair draped down behind your seat i just has to hold it and smell it deeply(pantene. great choice). i dont remember much ov the movie but i will always remember the smell and texture of your hair. the way you sound when you whisper and laugh. after the movie i followed you and your friend to perkin’s. i waited outside in my car so i could watch you eat and smile. i followed you home and made sure you got there safely.i noticed you left you car unlocked so i went to have a look into your life. i can tell by looking in your car that we have a lot in common. if you want your dash ornaments back you will have to meet me and we can have a great time getting to know each other. “grin”

Thanks to NerdSalad.com for the info above and for giving me the heebie-jeebies. *shudder*

For The Ladies: ‘New Moon’ Images


Summit Entertainment has unleashed a batch of images from its upcoming The Twilight Saga: New Moon, most of which you’ve seen before, but a few you haven’t, including a behind-the-scenes image of director Chris Weitz on the set with star Kristen Stewart.

Would I lose the respect of our readers if I said Twilight is a guilty pleasure of mine? Yes I know it’s a romance novel for tween girls but Kristen Stewarts Hot and Vampires are always cool, even if they do sparkle.