Leave to the internet to look for something that probably isn’t there, but the rumor du jour suggests that some cunning visual effects people slipped in a couple of seconds of footage in Man of Steel where new Superman Henry Cavill morphs into 80s Superman Christopher Reeve. The effect is subtle, that is to say I can’t see it, but the below GIF does make it look as though there was some kind of tinkering. Or perhaps it’s just the lighting effect of the scene in question.

Judge for yourself:


Could you see the difference? As Uproxx noted, perhaps the reason some people see a bit of Reeve in Cavill in this image is because the two kind of look alike and are playing the same character. Reeve played Superman in four films between 1978 and 86, but was paralyzed in a horse ridding accident in 1995. He died due to complications from those injuries in 2004, but not before appearing twice in the Superman-as-a-teen TV series Smallville.

No official work from director Zack Snyder or any of the hundreds of visual effects artists who worked on the movie, but for my part I say look for this to become a part of the Hollywood urban legends set along with the Three Men and a Baby ghost and the Munchkin who hanged himself. Or not. What do you Bastards think?

Source: Screen Crush

 The release of director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.‘s (you have better luck pronouncing that with peanut butter in your mouth)  The Thing, which is  a prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter film of the same name, is only a few months away, and fans are antsy to the what the thing will look like. The alien, not the movie. See, here’s the thing, The Thing is about a “thing”.  Get it? *shakes head* Damn thing is confusing as fuck. Who’s on first?

Anyway, the creature (aka “The Thing”) from the original was goddamn creepy. A parasitic extraterrestrial lifeform that assimilates other organisms and in turn imitates them, or tries to anyway. Often you’d  see the creature in between transformations, looking like stretched silly putty with teeth. Will it look just as fucked up in the prequel?

Well, Amalgamated Dynamics are on par to terrify a whole new generation of fans.

While we don’t have photos of the finished product, we do have a look at some of the maquettes used for the film that give a pretty good impression of what the filmmakers were going for.

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UPDATE: Shock Till You Drop reports that “a sculptor on the show says [the photos] are not legit.”