eiji aonuma


The Nintendo stage at this year’s E3 convention was dominated by just two games. Along with a little more information about the new NX console coming out next year, Nintendo focused mainly on the upcoming Pokémon releases and the hugely anticipated new Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. Given that both franchises are decades old, the originality that have gone into the new games has certainly made Nintendo’s announements unique. Pokémon Go offers fans a foray into real world gaming, while almost everything about Breath of the Wild is groundbreaking. (more…)

legend of zelda

It’s no secret that movies are getting more and more expensive to make and that those in charge of big-budget studios are looking for new ways to bring people into the theaters so that they can make their money back.  We can see this trend in the crazy-ass prices of movie tickets and the fact that 3D and IMAX are all over the place in the last few years.  Now it looks like Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma, AKA the Legend of Zelda go-to guy, has another way he thinks movies should be reinvented, particularly with regards to a Zelda big screen adaptation. (more…)