With a new DC Comics event, Witching Hour, announced with covers posted online, it shows a Wonder Woman turned evil. The amazing covers make nerds question when else have superheroes turned evil? Not the alternate universe counterparts or evil doppelgangers, but the heroes themselves. What made them turn and did they return again to the side of the angels? NerdBastards delves into the details of DC’s Witching Hour event as well as 5 other heroes who have taken a ride on the dark side.


10 Best Scenes In ‘Daredevil’ Season 2


Last year, Daredevil smashed into the hearts of fans with bone-cracking intensity. This pitch perfect, character driven action fest put to rest any lingering phantom pains from the 2003 Ben Affleck vehicle. This year, Daredevil is back with a second season, looking to outdo the first in every way. And it succeeds on most counts. The acting seems a little more solid from all three returning main characters, the action scenes are more brutal and explosive than in the first season, and there just seem to be more great individual moments in season 2 overall, especially considering the brilliant additions of Elektra and the Punisher, played by Elodie Yung and Jon Bernthal, respectively. This article is written in celebration of those moments and the return of the Man Without Fear. So turn off your police scanners, pour yourself a martini with a nasty grey olive, and pull up a chair to count down the 10 best scenes in Daredevil season 2! Fair warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!



Although kind of overshadowed by the relative newness of Jessica Jones, let’s not forget about the show that started this new era of Marvel TV on Netflix: Daredevil. The new year will see a new season of the Man Without Fear on the streaming service, and it will see some well-known faces from Marvel Comics join the show as Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) quests to clean-up post-alien attack Hell’s Kitchen, which has become a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Now, with three days left till 2016, we’re bring given a good long look at Frank “The Punisher” Castle (Jon Bernthal), and Elektra Natchios (Elodie Yung) in the new season of Daredevil. (more…)


With Netflix/Marvel Studios’ Daredevil now having an actual factual release date, excitement for the series is hitting a fever pitch. With just about three months until fans and the curious will be able to see all 13 episodes of the first season, the truly anxious are eager to get answers to a whole whack of questions concerning what the show will look like, what all we might expect, and what role the Man Without Fear might play in the broader context of Marvel’s series and films. Thank God for Twitter then. Recently, Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight (Spartacus) responded to fan questions on the social media site, addressing all manner of queries about his show, and his thoughts on the last attempt to make project based on Hell Kitchen’s antihero of choice: 2003’s Daredevil released by 20th Century Fox. (more…)


The forfeiture of the rights to Daredevil from Fox might hopefully prevent more disasters like Elektra in the franchise’s future. Of course, no one ever sets out to make a bad movie, it just kind of happens that way as budgets are slashed, directors are change and producers’ input is given more weight than maybe it should be.

Which brings us to Stu Zicherman. After doing a first draft of Elektra and seeing it eventually tank before his eyes, Zicherman retreated to TV and worked on series like What About Brian, Six Degrees and Lights Out. Earlier this month though he returned to working on the big screen with the comedy A.C.O.D., which debuted at Sundance. And while talking to Badass Digest at the film festival, he was asked about where everything on Elektra went wrong.

Elektra is one of the reasons I got into television,” Zicherman says candidly. “I spent a year writing the movie, and it was supposed to be this gigantic movie, and then they decide they’re not going to make an $80 million movie, they’re going to make a $30 million movie, they bring in a director we didn’t know, you get fired, someone else comes in and rewrites the entire movie, but you still get credit because you wrote the first draft. Then you go to the premiere in Las Vegas, and 30 seconds into the movie you’re like, ‘Oh, [expletive].'”

Disappointed? You bet. Any lingering resentment though?

“I literally, to this day, am still so embarrassed by that movie. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I know Jennifer Garner is too. She hired us to write the movie, which was pitched as something much more smart and sophisticated … it’s a blemish. ”

Ouch. But then again if you wrote Elektra, how would you feel?

Watch the full interview below.

Source: Blastr

It was with some anticipation, and admittedly a bit of disappointment, when it was announced earlier this summer that the rights to Daredevil and all associated characters were reverting to Marvel Studios, and away from 20th Century Fox.

Fox’s lease on the rights officially expired on Wednesday October 10, which means that Marvel Studios and Disney can start rolling on their own Daredevil production anytime now. As you’ll recall, Fox attempted to extend the lease on the rights by offering Disney the rights on certain cosmic characters like Galactus, who are usually associated with Fantastic Four, but no agreement was reached.

At the same time, director Joe Carnahan, who was in the midst of putting together a gritty, 70s adaptation of the comic, released a sizzle reel giving an impression of what his Daredevil film might have looked like. No word yet if Marvel’s going to give Carnahan a chance to pitch his take to them, but I’d have a hard time believing that Disney isn’t chomping at the bit to insert Daredevil into the previously established Marvel Cinematic U.

Fox, in the meantime, seems to be doubling-down on the two Marvel properties it has left: X-Men and Fantastic Four, which, I guess, were the most promising given the reaction to the Ben Affleck-starring Daredevil in 2003 and the universally reviled spin-off Elektra in 2005. They recently hired critically-acclaimed comic writer Mark Millar to be a creative consultant on all Fox-made Marvel films.

Look for the rumor mill to start grinding about a new Daredevil movie very soon.

Source: Blastr

Everybody loves Mark Millar, right? The famous comic book writer behind Civil War, The Ultimates, Kick-Ass, Wanted and The Authority. Of course, “famous” and “comic book writer” may be a contradiction in terms, but clearly there’s some kind of faith there if 20th Century Fox is willing to but Millar in charge of steering the studio’s next slate of Marvel-based properties.

The announcement that Millar was hired as consultant on the next X-Men and Fantastic Four films came last week, but now Millar is talking about what that role will entail with the podcast Word Balloon. To get the obvious stuff out of the way first, Millar points out that while Fox doesn’t have the best track record with superhero movies (*cough*Elektra*cough*), he does point out there have been some success, and even (*gasp*) some innovation…

There have been some poor decisions in the past, but you also have to remember that there have been some excellent ones too. Bryan Singer’s X-Men for example, I think revolutionised superhero movies. It pre-dated Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, and I think you forget how close that was chronologically to Batman and Robin! To open with a Holocaust scene in a superhero movie was just unheard of. Fox get a lot of flak for the films which didn’t work out, and quite rightly, but you forget that they’ve done some really great stuff too. I’m thinking specifically of X-Men, X-Men 2 and X-Men: First Class.

But on to the new stuff. And Millar says that the team working on development of the Marvel films at Fox are dedicated to bringing out the best on the big screen:

The team who is running the show over there now I’m very comfortable with. I actually really like everything that they’re doing, and they recognise more than anyone the mistakes that they’ve made in the past and they just want to do right by the fans. Hiring myself was a first step in a number of things that they’re planning and they just really want to be respectful to the material I think. X-Men: First Class, which I absolutely loved, just feels like planting the flag for what they’re planning to do over the next few years.

So what does that mean for the upcoming slate including X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Wolverine and the rebooted Fantastic Four? Millar was a tad vague on specifics:

Hiring Josh Trank for Fantastic Four…it could just not be more different than the first Fantastic Four movie from what I’ve seen so far. Even just as a fan, I’m very, very excited by the level of talent they have on the directors side of things.


I can’t say too much about it right now, but The Wolverine has only just started shooting really, I mean it’s been shooting for a few weeks now. I really do like it and I’m really impressed by it. Days of Future Past, which is being written at the moment, is the next one up and at the same time, Fantastic Four is being written right now. In a weird way, it’s just the easiest job in the world as I’m surrounded by people who are so good!

So everything’s fine, no need to worry. Forgive us Mark, but we the fans will be skeptical till we see the final results on screen.

Source: /Film


For your Monday morning…err afternoon enjoyment here’s video of sexy women being painted to look like some of our favorite super women. Plus, they’re Brazilian, and being painted up for Rio De Janeiro’s Carnival. The video is NSFW, nipple can been seen on more than one these lovely ladies. Watch over at io9 and if you need even more super-powered, body-painted eye candy click over to Globo (sign-in required). Bleeding Cool also managed some screencaps, which are below the jump, which are again NSFW. Unless everyone else at work wants to look at titties, then I think your all right.

Body painting adds a hint of realism to what are usually outrageously designed costumes. And these women, just like women in comics, have the ability for their boobs to defy gravity. It’s just not fair! You’ll never see Wonder Woman or Elektra have a saggy day, never. Grr. Of course for me, personally, I wouldn’t mind if they had painted up a few fellas. Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern costume already looks painted on, they should just skip out on the CGI and paint him up.

source: io9, Bleeding Cool



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