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Eli Roth” and “family film” are probably the last four words anyone, especially fans of Roth’s hard-R, exploitation genre efforts, would expect to read in a sentence, but Roth (Green Inferno, Knock Knock, Hostel, Cabin Fever) has done the near impossible: He’s semi-successfully reinvented himself as the family-friendly, kindler, gentler Spielberg-inspired filmmaker he apparently always wanted to be. An Amblin produced adaptation of John Bellairs’ 1973 novel for young readers (a nameless marketing executive hadn’t coined “Young Adult” yet) – with Goth-inspired illustrations from Edward Gorey – The House with a Clock in Its Walls delivers CGI-aided, kid-friendly, blood- and gore-free shocks and scares mixed in with the usual supply of stock story elements, an eccentric, but not too eccentric, adventurous lead character, and familiar, if not exactly unwelcome, comfort-zone performances from Jack Black and Academy Award-winner Cate Blanchett. (more…)

Looking back at the original Death Wish in 1974, Michael Winner‘s film starring a then-53-year-old Charles Bronson is a time capsule. The 70s saw ever escalating crime rates in America, and the population felt powerless before a rising tide of particularly urban violence where random shootings, muggings and other attacks were becoming a daily reality. Understandably, people thought that one man with gun and the guts to dispense rough justice might have been the answer, hence the popularity of Winner’s Death Wish, even though several cultural commentators felt that Winner’s film was feeding America negative reinforcement of easy justice at the end of a gun held in the right hands.  (more…)

Aleister Arcane 2

Far from unfamiliar with Hollywood adaptations, comic book author Steve Miles is known as the writer behind 30 Days of Night and Batman: Gotham County Line. His graphic novel, Aleister Arcane, was first considered for a screen adaptation in 2004, the same year it was published. Unfortunately, their ownership of the rights lapsed before Paramount could make anything of it, and the idea fell out of discussion. The comic retained its cult status in the years following, but wasn’t much built upon. (more…)

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Because we live in a world where it’s cheaper and easier to remake an old movie rather than pay writers to come up with something new, there is another old classic in the (re)works. This time around, the recycling machine has spit out 1974’s Death Wish. The remake has already secured one of Hollywood’s biggest actors for the lead role and now it looks like they have their new directorEli Roth. (more…)


In 1982, three 11-year-old boys became completely obsessed with Raiders of the Lost Ark. The only way they could find to cope with their new all-consuming obsession was to make a doggedly faithful shot-for-shot remake of the film. Over the next seven years, they completed every single scene from the movie, except for one; the intimidating airplane set piece. After years of infighting and struggle and success, the trio walked away from the unfinished project after being at odds over a girl. Their real-life story is like something Steven Spielberg would have directed in the 80s. Naturally, somebody made a documentary about it and that documentary now has a distributor. (more…)


In an effort to drain horror fans of their hard earned money and to win the award for Laziest Horror Movie Attempt ever, a new horror flick will be coming to a small screen near you very soon.  What’s it about?  Well, it’s about this group of kids who head to a cabin in the woods for some good ol’ fashion shenanigans but wind up contracting a highly contagious flesh eating virus.  Bonus – it’s from Eli Roth.  Sound familiar?  If you were wondering why it sounds like 2002’s Cabin Fever, there’s a simple explanation: Eli Roth is remaking his own movie, as a producer this time, and in a display of supreme laziness, the remake will simply follow the script of the original movie. (more…)


It appears that Netflix has its second renewal in the form of Hemlock Grove, the gothic horror drama based on the novel by Brian McGreevy and produced by Eli Roth (Hostel) that premiered this past spring on Netflix.

Hemlock Grove, starring Famke Janssen, Bill Skarsgård and Dougray Scott, follows the supernatural ins and outs of a small Pennsylvania town populated by vampires, werewolves and other various supernatural creatures. Presumably, most of the main cast – the survivors anyway – will be back for season two, which this time will be under the supervision of writer Charles H. Eglee (The Walking Dead, Dexter).

“The worldwide fan response to Hemlock Grove was phenomenal,” said producer Roth. “Netflix members loved the potent combination of sexy monsters, mystery, and the dark family soap opera that ended with a huge twist, leaving audiences worldwide totally shocked. Season One was just a warm up for what we have in store for season two. Get ready to be scared in ways you never expected. ”

“In its first season, Eli, Brian, Lee and the team did an incredible job of introducing viewers to a unique world of memorable characters,” added Cindy Holland, Netflix’s VP of Original Content. “[Eglee]’s addition to the show, and his experience on such fan favorites as The ShieldThe Walking Dead and Dexter, will heighten the intensity of the mystery that grips Hemlock Grove.”

What do you think Bastards, excited to see season two of Hemlock Grove?

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Eli Roth, perhaps best known for his Hostel series, is a multi-talented Hollywood renaissance man who fills roles as producer, director, actor and writer.  Even though he’s got seven films he’s currently involved with in a production capacity, he may be taking on a new project soon.  Currently, Roth is in talks to potentially direct Warner Brothers’ new Dracula adaption, Harker.

Supposedly, Harker will but a new spin on the old vampire myth.  Casting has started strong, with Russell Crowe signing on as none-other-than Dracula himself.  This would not be the first time the two have worked together, as they just got done filming an action flick called The Man with the Iron Fists.  WB had originally planned for Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown) to direct, but scheduling issues killed that plan and now they want Roth to take over.

So far there’s no leading man for the titular role of Jonathan Harker and details on the story are still sketchy.  Perhaps if Roth signs on, they’ll be able to get him to put in a little work-over on the script as well?  Of course, Warner Bros. is looking to franchise the film, which means it will likely end up being either very cool or very ‘safe’.

Though I’ve always been skeptical of vampire films and find 9-out-of-10 of them to be almost completely unwatchable, I’m eager to see some more details on this one.  With Roth at the helm, it could turn out to be an interesting piece of work.


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Eli Roth, The Bear Jew of Inglourious Basterds fame was, wouldn’t you know!!?!? A Director too!!!!…………..Ok, so you probably knew. As well that he also directed the short Thanksgiving in Grindhouse…So it should be no surprise to any of us that he had some directorial efforts in IB…And he did, directing the Nazi Propaganda film “Nations Pride” that was a tongue in cheek poke during the film. Here is the vid.

Breakout your copy of Grindhouse to watch the best parts…The faux trailers in between the two seperated films. Director/Actor Eli Roth has announced he is finishing up a sci-fi film “Endangered Species” which he intends to direct. But the biggest news in this double feature is that the Bear Jew is actually penning “Thanksgiving”. One of the fake trailers FOR Grindhouse. The Hollywood Reporter skinned it:

Roth added that he is penning a script for the horror flick “Thanksgiving,” which originally appeared as a faux trailer for Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s “Grindhouse.” He is directing, producing and possibly acting in the film.

One of the funnier trailers with more of the gruesome visuals and an even more disturbing voiceover. I’m psyched Roth is getting back to writing and directing. He is a good actor, but I love his innovation behind the laptop. Score one for the horror fans.