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Above: Oh no! Oliver Akuin has drawn Jurassic Park‘s Lex and Tim getting attacked by a T-rex, I guess we’ll allow it. If you’ve already seen the movie, and who hasn’t by now, you know that this failed snack attempt is the least of their worries. [XombieDIRGE]

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Top 7 “Any Pointer” Movies


            There are some movies that start and you go YAY! And you go and sit, even though you need to be somewhere else, and while your foot is out the door, you are trying to pry your eyes away from said film. Then there are the movies that you turn on, and NO MATTER WHAT scene it’s on, you will follow through and watch it until the end. I’ll call these “Any Pointers”, while they are not your favorite movies, you hold them to a different gold standard then some movies. Here’s my quick list of some good ol’ boys, and I would love to hear your faves! Slingem’my way. (more…)

Is there a scene in a movie you can’t watch? A scene that is so blatantly disturbing that it comes back and haunts you. Maybe not in your dreams, but something that even during your waking hours you slip back to and get bothered by. If you really think too long and hard on those scenes you can discern that while yes, it isn’t really happening, you have that graphic visage burned like a brand onto your brain.

Your thoughts twirl and come and go like smoke, and no matter how hard you try, no matter what if anybody even brings it up you feel as if the best solution would be corking your ears and screaming “La la la!!!”.

My number one slot is something that has bothered me for ten years now and I don’t even want to write it. I don’t want to rethink about it while committing it to screen. Yes, it ain’t real, but it certainly left its scent on you, and regardless of scrubbing, you won’t get it’s filth out of your mind. That either means the film is EXCELLENT or absolutely TERRIBLE.

I am curious to hear your disturbing movies…. (more…)