Elodie Young


******UPDATE OF THE UPDATE: Found a Tweet with the video that still works, watch it fast!

***UPDATE: Alas, it’s gone. Apparently some press “Publish” a little early on that one. Still, the leaked version can be found below.

If you’re a Marvel fan, and you’re looking forward to the next phase of Netflix’s five series plan, Jessica Jones, hold on there for a minute because Daredevil is here to say, have you missed me yet. The first season of the series about the Man Without Fear launched in April and was an immediate hit with fans and critics thanks to its darker tone, bone-crunching action, and spot-on casting. So how about that second season? Well, those attending New York Comic-Con got a taste of Daredevil season 2, and now you can too, but just a taste. The official trailer is now posted online for your approval. (more…)

With DC’s two biggest superheroes going head-to-head in the Man of Steel sequel, there’s been heavy speculation as to what other prominent DC characters might show up in the flick. Could we see Dick Grayson? Maybe an appearance by Lex Luthor? There has even been a rumor making rounds that Wonder Woman is all but confirmed to show up, in some form or another, and a recent casting call may have confirmed it. (more…)