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Now that Disney owns Fox, properties formerly outside the umbrella are finally back where they belong. Fantastic Four and X-Men, primarily. And it’s only a matter of time before the MCU welcome their lost children back to the big screen. And fans have already been throwing out their casting choice. One Redditor gave a suggestion that’s gotten over 20k upvotes or fake internet points. But will you approve? Every Nerd has an opinion on who would be the best Doctor Doom. And even if they don’t have a suggestion, they have an opinion on other’s casting of Marvel’s First Family. But this is a solid list of proven actors that could easily embody these characters and usher the MCU into a bright new phase.



A Quiet Place is based on a world where you can’t make a sound unless you want to be torn apart by some ugly ass monster. While the movie acts as though people know how to live a good life without dying, the reality is that most of us would be killed within the first month. (Or as many have figured on Twitter, their first fart.) Let’s face it we are creatures of habit and if we forget our cell phone or lose our electricity we have a complete meltdown. Here are a just a few reasons that you might die.

More than half a century after the original musical film was released, Disney is releasing a remake of Mary Poppins next year. The titular magical nanny, first portrayed by Julie Andrews, will be played this time round by Emily Blunt, with Hamilton‘s own Lin Manuel-Miranda starring opposite her as a street lamp lighter named Jack, a character who did not appear in the original but could be a reinvention of Dick van Dyke‘s chimney sweep, Bert. Though hardly contemporary, the new movie will nonetheless be a slight modernisation of the story, set in the Depression era of British history, around twenty to thirty years later than the Edwardian setting of the original production, though truer to the novel by P L Travers on which it was based. (more…)


Doug Liman, who’s currently working on the upcoming Justice League Dark for DC and Warner Bros. has a couple other films in the works including a sequel to the 2014 Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt sci-fi vehicle Edge of Tomorrow, the Ground Hogday of Sci-fi. While the film didn’t really kill it at the domestic box office, it did make twice what it cost world-wide, opening the door for a sequel if a story could be put together. Liman, in a recent interview, outlined how Edge Of Tomorrow 2 might look. (more…)


The Walt Disney Company is no stranger to rebooting, remaking, and requelizing their catalog of classics, and Mary Poppins Returns looks like a combination of all three. For a while now, the idea of a sorta-sequel, sorta-reboot to the 1964 Julie Andrews-starring film, with Emily Blunt taking on the title character, was but a rumor, but the studio has now taken one small step into making it fact. Mark your calendars because Mary Poppins will be coming down from a cloud, floating surely on her umbrella and arriving back in London in time for Christmas 2018. (more…)


Of course, we live in an age when the only currency in film seems to be whether there’s life for the story after the credits roll. From sequels, prequels, and spin-offs to books, video games, and TV shows, making a movie isn’t so much its own reward as a downpayment on years of profits made from all the other things you can stamp its name on. And then there’s The Huntsman: Winter’s War. It’s the epitome of these I.P.-obsessed times; a prequel and sequel to a hit film based on a fairy tale, and at once trying to attract old fans while attracting new ones by shaking things up just enough. And thus it fails on many levels.  (more…)


There’s no denying actor Tom Cruise’s box office power.  As far as anyone can remember, the seemingly ageless action star has been fiercely running from one film to another and topping the box office in each film with his name alone.  It was quite strange when Edge of Tomorrow came out and was one of his “flops.”  The film did receive critical praise and a well-done sci-fi film, which should have taken off, especially in the geek world where the film literally had a video game-like narrative where the protagonist dies time and time again to successfully complete his mission.  The film blended the right amount of humor and action.  When poor box office reports came it, it pretty much ensured that this was a one-and-done franchise, but thanks to increased DVD/Blue Ray sales and an almost cult following of the film there was hope that a sequel would greenlight.   (more…)


Even before Deadpool was a blockbuster success during its opening weekend, fans were crowing that Deadpool was going to rock their comic book movie world. FOX was also very confident in the new movie, green-lighting a sequel before that opening weekend. After that incredible box office crushing weekend, no one could deny the speeding train that was Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool would continue steam on to greater heights. Deadpool himself teased a return with Cable in the post credits, but we all know that there has to be more than just Cable in the sequel. Let the Deadpool 2 Character Rumor Mill grind… (more…)


A mere 54 years after the original Mary Poppins, a sequel is currently in development. Set 20 years after Miss Poppins took flight on her umbrella from 17 Cherry Tree Lane, the new tale is set to be helmed by film musical genius Rob Marshall and will be based on the further, unfilmed booked by Poppins creator P.L. Travers with Blunt apparently the first – and only – choice for the title role. (more…)


Yesterday, as per recent tradition, we got a trailer for the trailer for The Huntsman: Winter’s War. The sorta-sequel to 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman promises to be the same kind of effects-filled, Tolkein-esque gothic adventure as the original, but with the focus now on Chris Hemsworth‘s title character. But you know who stands out in this first full trailer? All the ladies. It is the tradition of fairy tales for the men to fight and the women to be saved, but is Winter’s War about to throw shade on that sexist folklore in a big way? If the trailer is to be believed, the answer is a definite maybe. (more…)