There are comedians and then there are comedic geniuses.  Comedians can make us laugh with a slight expression or even with the silliest of jokes.  Other comedians choose to take things to the limit and appear more than a bit manic on stage, and that excitement is contagious, spreading throughout the audience until even the sternest of critics has a stitch in their side.  These comedians feed on the energy that the audience throws back and the better that energy, the better the set.  Then, you have comedic geniuses.  These wonderful people push the boundaries of comedy, testing the limits, oftentimes with only their own humor in mind.  These pioneers aren’t concerned with audiences or even approval – they simply do what is funny to them, damn the consequences.  Stephen Colbert has just been promoted from “comedian” to “comedic genius”, thanks to a recent appearance on a local public access station. (more…)