Emma Thompson

No Will Smith; no (major) problem.

With Will Smith completely uninterested in returning to the 22-year-old Men in Black franchise (once upon a time, Smith made it look good) and otherwise busy with other commercial pursuits (playing a blue-skinned, top-knotted, magical genie in the recent live-action Aladdin adaptation), Tommy Lee Jones all-but-retired from performing, Sony Pictures unsurprisingly turned to one of the MCU’s MVPs, Chris Hemsworth, and Hemsworth’s Thor: Ragnarok co-star, Tessa Thompson, to restart and/or soft reboot a series that last saw the darkened interior of an air-conditioned movie theater seven years ago (given the rapidity in which pop-culture favorites turn into yesterday’s disposable detritus, zero guarantee moviegoers will respond with more than just passing nostalgia). It was still a gamble. Hemsworth has yet to carry a film outside the MCU. Thompson has yet to topline a major studio film. On individual charisma and collective chemistry alone, Hemsworth and Thompson prove themselves more than worthy of headlining a big-budget, spectacle-driven franchise entry of their own, the F. Gary Gray (The Fate of the Furious, Straight Outta Compton, The Negotiator, Friday) directed Men in Black: International. (more…)

It took mere seconds for the nervous sweats to set in. The stale stench of popcorn mixed with the aroma of shattered hopes, and what I hope is not stale urine. Like walking into the middle of someone elses break up, I instantly knew I shouldn’t be there; there was no way this was going to end well. Why had I thought this was a good idea?! Why had anyone thought this would be a good idea?

Will Smith hasn’t released a film in 3 years, leaving the Earth unprotected for three consecutive summers. His presence in summer blockbusters has been a comfortingly reliable standby, like knowing your grandmother will give you socks for Christmas: not the coolest thing ever, but it gets the job done. Upon hearing the news of Smith’s return to alien slaughtering in Men in Black 3, I became giddy with excitement. There was no logic in this sudden burst of excitement. It was purely guttural, rising from a place of clandestine immaturity and under-developed nerdery. I did not realize it at the time, but I’d been conditioned, from a young age, to associate Will Smith with unbridled fun. Undoing this conditioning, as it turns out, requires one viewing of MiB3 followed by 2 glasses of wine, 3 episodes of Community, and a good, long cry (actual duration of crying may vary from person to person).


Four New Promos From Pixar’s ‘Brave’

Pixar’s track record is practically spotless (*cough* Cars 2), but I do wonder how a feature film with a (ginger) female protagonist will fair. It may sound incredibly sexist for me to say this, but female hero driven stories typically don’t succeed. Do I even need to mention Aeon Flux, Ultra Violet, or Catwoman? However, this is Pixar we’re talking about. They always delivered great stories. Plus seeing as The Hunger Games, a movie with a female protagonist as our hero, just raked in millions upon millions of dollars maybe the tired stereotype of women can’t lead an action-adventure story is dying. Still, it seems a bit of a gamble. I wish it well though.

Anyhow, Brave is about a rebellious princess named Merida who is so fed up with her mother, she makes a mistake that changes the fate of her kingdom. Featuring the voices of Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, Robbie Coltrane and others, Brave opens June 22.

After the jump we have four new videos from the ginger adventure.



Some Men in Black III set photos have just surfaced and they’re pretty sweet!  Will Smith is looking freaken’ buff! In addition to seeing a toned Smith we see all the main character like Tommy Lee Jones and Emma Thompson and also a look at Nicole Sherzinger in her role as well.

Sherzinger reported that she plays a villain named Lilly and has minimal screen time.  Thompson as was reported earlier will be playing Agent Oh, the head of the Men in Black.  Thompson is just the hard nosed type to lead two screw ups like Jones and Smith.

I have doubts that the project will be good but it certainly makes me nostalgic for the first one.  At least there will be consistency since director Barry Sonnenfeld who directed the first Men in Black is back on board for this one.  Check out the badass set photos after the jump!

Source: ComicBookMovie



“Here come the Men In Black”… in 3D??  Sources report that Emma Thompson (I Am Legend, Harry Potter) will be starring as the role of “Oh”, head agent in Men In Black 3D.  Thompson will be joining Will Smith as well as Tommy Lee Jones, who reprise their roles as Agents Jay and Kay.  Also starring in the film will be Jermaine Clement and Josh Brolin.  There will be a time travel element that will move action between the present and 1969; Brolin will be playing the young Jones’s character of Agent Kay.

The news of Thompson joining the cast is pretty freakin’ exciting.  She’s a great English actress with a ton of whit which will bode well for her in this role and be a lot of fun to watch!  There’s no underestimating this woman’s talent with numerous Oscars, there’s no doubt she’ll rock this role!

Back to direct the flick will be director Barry Sonnenfeld, who did the original two.  Clearly, there is no one better to take command of this project.  This guys’ concepts are OUTSTANDING.  He also has won an Emmy for Pushing Daisies.

So with a great cast and a badass director can this fill succeed?  Are you guys feeling that 9’s nostalgia all over again or are our days of “gettin’ jiggy wit” Will Smith over?