emma watson.Harry Potter


Noma Dumezweni has kept a dignified silence on the criticism that followed¬†her being cast as Hermione Granger in new Harry Potter stage play Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. Much opinion has been voiced that it is somehow ‘wrong’ for a black actor to portray a role previously inhabited by someone whose skin was white. Such prejudiced comments clearly don’t belong in our society today and now Dumezweni¬†has has felt the need to respond to them: (more…)

Empire Magazine has released a superbly rendered and ingenious idea that has blown this writer away. The 20th Anniversary has dubbed it classy and innovative throwback to some classics…To tell you the truth, and its not a bad thing, I think they are just flexing their wings of influence to show you how many Superfriends they have….And I am impressed. For the complete pictorial, hit it up here. (more…)