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Guardians of the Galaxy made it rain last night at Thursday preview screenings with a haul of $11.2 million in ticket sales for two shows. It’s obvious that this is going to be a big weekend for the near universally acclaimed new entry in the Marvel Studios canon. Speaking of canon, it’s well known that Marvel includes little bonuses in their films,  a teaser, or spoiler, or hint about what comes next, and Guardians is no exception. So what is it, you’re asking if you haven’t already seen the movie. Well, if you absolutely, positively must know, read below to get the details. By the way, SPOILERS AHEAD! (more…)


By now, you’ve seen Iron Man 3, right? And you’ve read our review and responded in our talk back thread, right? I damn well hope so. We ain’t posting these things for our health! Okay, maybe we are, because if we didn’t have a place to vent our nerdery we’d likely explode on the spot. But anyway, what did you think of those credit sequences for Iron Man 3? Pretty flashy, right?

Turns out, what we got wasn’t the only option, and since the film’s released alternate beginning and end credit sequences have surfaced. These first two videos featuring alternate end credit sequences were created by Jose Ortiz,

Both very cool looking, but I’m ultimately happier with the end credit sequence they chose. Would you agree? Hit the jump for two alternate title sequences.