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This week on The Bastardcast, Jeremy and Jason get down with the sickness that is Kickstarter revivals, wrestler/actors, and their low budget/high concept version of what Jurassic Park 4 would look like.

You want more? You need it? Fine, we will be your podcast heroin — who want’s to talk about the Pope!?!?! Yeah you do, how about Ukrainian assassin dolphins? Oh, now we got your attention. Ready for the money shot? The Papal pop-shot if you will? How about this: The Pope riding on the back of a Ukrainian assassin dolphin to take on Steven Seagal?! BOOM! Don’t trip on your brain pieces that fell on the floor when we blew your mind with that thing we just said.

I can’t believe you want more show, I can’t believe how voracious your appetites are and the fact that I just used the word voracious in a way that is proper. Fine! We will give you more show! You insatiable pod-gobbler!


All that, and a whole other podcast tacked onto the back of this one that will have hilarity ensuing all over your face and up in your business.


The Bastardcast: Kickstartering a Perfect Strangers trilogy since 8 minutes ago.

Nerdy Epic Meal Time: The McLennium Falcon Vs Dessert Star

The weekend is almost here, what will YOU be eating?

Personally, I might be taking a que from Nerdy Epic Meal Time created by close, personal friend Valerie “Sexy Nerd Girl” Lapomme (that is, I just found out about her and she is awesome and she doesn’t even know I am alive, damn it… it’s like high school all over again).

Remember a month or so ago when Epic Meal Time hit the net and was cool for a day or two? Lapomme took the idea and made it better, or at the very least nerdier and sexier.

Check out her “The McLennium Falcon Vs Dessert Star” video after the jump. I’m off to Costco to get a 10 or so liters of Mayo and Thousand Island Dressing.


Epic Meal Time Eats The Ninja Turtles In Their Newest Episode

Haters gonna hate, but Epic Meal Time has invaded Nerdbastards! I mean we just had to write about this tasty dish that’s an ode to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Plus it’s really funny that Harley Morenstein, the host of Epic Meal Time, is dressed as Casey Jones the turtles’ closest ally and is going to be eating some turtles. Whether it be the funny little old people in the beginning who are speaking a language no one can understand, beautiful bacon turtles, and a free Netflix trial. Who wouldn’t want to watch this? Haters, that’s who.

Beware! The following footage features turtle on turtle crime, and if you don’t get a chuckle out of it….You just be hatin’!

After watching their vids, I have to say that the ones that make the Top 5 Tasty list are the following:
1. Tequila Taco Night (of course)
2. The Sloppy Roethlisberger
3. Deleted Scenes 2
4. Cheesy Grilled Cheese Tower
5. Meat Building101

Leave your thoughts and comments on Epic Meal Time and  today’s hilarious new episode below ‘cause next time we’ll be eating Spider-Man!

Can You Handle The Triple Meat Log?

gamer-girl-corndog (1)

No that’s not a giant fried twinkie that she’s trying to cram in her mouth (giggity). That folks, is the Triple Meat Log a.k.a. the Chuck Norris of corndogs. The awesome people over at Epic Meal Time took a break from their Call of Duty: Black Ops playing in order to show us how to make this massive meat log.

The corndog is made out of 3 XL hotdogs, wrapped in cheese, 18 slices of bacon and ground beef. Then it’s covered in yellow cornmeal and then deep-fried. Of course, it’s served with a nice bowl mayo mixed with the bacon grease that you have from making the bacon earlier. To make it epic, they used a large wooden spoon as the handle.

Check the video out as you get to see the lovely lady pictured above take on the massive meat on a stick and imagine yourself trying to eat one of these.

Source: Geekologie