Epic Rap Battles of History


Epic Rap Battles has done it again: pitted two icons against each other in a lyrical throw down that we never knew we wanted to see until we did.  This time around, the contestants were George R.R. Martin, the author of the Game of Thrones books, versus J.R.R Tolkien, the author of the Lord of the Rings works.  The “audience” deems the winner via YouTube votes, so watch the battle unfold and get to commenting who you think dropped the mic harder! (more…)

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Adam Savage from Mythbusters is know for going all out at Halloween with his costumes and this year was not an exception. His proton pack just goes to show that ‘he wasn’t afraid of no ghosts this Halloween. We have come to expect this kind of quality craftsmanship from Savage now, who has previously dressed up in Samurai armor, Alien suits and all sorts of crazy costumes that focus on every bit of infinitesimal detail. In honor of the film’s 30th anniversary Savage had ample opportunity to show of his fantastic Proton pack from within the maker’s San Francisco man cave. (more…)

Always ready to answer the questions we’ve never thought to ask, Epic Rap Battles of History delivers head to head lyrical combat between fictions two greatest detectives. Sure, if it was a fist fight in an alley Batman would mercilessly pummel the substance abusing sleuth from 221B Baker Street. Since this is a battle of the minds (rhymes,) Sherlock just might school the Dark Knight.

Wait, no, never mind. Lloyd Ahlquist shows up as Robin. S#!ts on, son!

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ABOVE: For a $100, you can own this customer My Little Pony Human Centipede set-up. Seriously, if you’re gonna drop a C-note on this mouth-to-ass rainbow train then I don’t want to be your friend. I mean come on, what the fuckity fuck is wrong with you? [Etsy]


If you’re looking to lose long tracks of time might I suggest taking up a simple diversion. For me it’s alcoholism but I’m at my day job and the suits get annoyed when I drink I sing Night Rangers ‘Sister Christian’ while smashing empty whiskey bottles against the wall, pfft, suits. Luckily one of the greatest YouTube channels ever has entered it’s 2nd season, Epic Rap Battles of History is back!

They just dumped Leonidas vs Master Chief on the internet so ff you ever wondered who’s got better skillz hit the jump and find out.