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The Man Behind The Z6 Baton: TR-8R’s Identity, Revealed!


NerdBastards previously speculated on the secret history behind the Internet’s favorite storm-trooper. We read through the relevant fiction, we had debates that devolved into improptu broom-handle saber fights and we ranked The Force Awakens memes in our spare time between editorial whip-cracks at the office. Now, after weeks of time wasted on pointless, dead-end arguments, LucasFilm has decided to cave in and give the fans TR-8R’s true identity!

(Also, this is canonical. So no backsies.)

Finn new teaser

The release date for Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens is starting to creep up on us, but we haven’t seen a lot of footage yet.  It appears that the galactic Powers-That-Be want to keep it that way for a little while longer, but they do throw us lowly humans a bone every now and then, as evidenced by today’s release of a new – and frustratingly short – teaser video via the official Star Wars Instagram page.



Two Star Wars posts before noon (Central Time)! Lordy Lordy!

While you were scanning those recent set pics, JJ Abrams & Co. committed a casting coup right under your nose. As if attempting to answer the overwhelming cries for ‘more diversity’ amongst the castEpisode Seven added Academy Award Winner Lupita Nyong’o and Game of Thrones series regular Gwendoline Christie (a/k/a Brienne of Tarth) to the already impressive cast. Is June 2nd, 2014 the day Star Wars: Episode VII actually became interesting? I’d definitely say so. (more…)


Prepare for the deluge!

Now that Episode VII has officially been shooting for a few weeks in Abu Dhabi (that’s a French desert where there’s cheese stands, for those unsure of their geography), you can pretty much expect candid shots of everything from practical monsters to Harrison Ford eating steak salads to begin rolling in on a near-daily basis. Thankfully, TMZ (shudder) posted the former this morning (though I’d honestly kill for a still of Ford with A1 slathered on his mug) and we’re here to re-appropriate their watermarked goodness for the sake of cheap Internet traffic (is there any other kind?). (more…)


Last week, I quoted Longfellow in an effort to illustrate the fluctuations in quality Game of Thrones often presents its viewers on a week-to-week basis; a poetic re-appropriation in the purposes of critical evaluation. This week, with “Mockingbird” — the seventh episode of this tumultuous Fourth Season — David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have proven that no such juvenile attempt at literary posturing is necessary, as they have delivered as strong an installment as the series has ever seen. Brimming with a near deluge of rousing dramatic scenes, “Mockingbird” stands as a fitting cliffhanger of a transitional episode, causing (hopefully) everyone who watched to shake their fists in anger at the fact that HBO is having the season go on a brief hiatus for Memorial Day Weekend.


millennium falcon

There have been many lingering questions as to what bits and pieces of the original Star Wars trilogy will be making their way into the new Episode VII.  Though casting rumors concerning the original cast have been abundant, the latest news comes not about one of the old, familiar faces, but about an old, familiar spaceship.  If the rumors are to be believed, the Millennium Falcon is returning to join the show. (more…)

r2d2 and friends

It looks like the Disney-Lucas team over at Star Wars Episode VII is thinking a bit out of the box when it comes to how they plan on putting their special effects together this time around – but in a good way.  There was a pic going around (see above) a while back featuring Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams and a couple of other guys hanging out with R2-D2.  Well, as it turns out, it looks like those other guys are the ones who built that droid.  It also turns out that they’re just a couple of fanboys that got noticed for their droid-building skills. (more…)

Now that the announcement has been made, the paperwork signed, what is to come from the aftermath of the $4 Billion acquisition of the LucasFilm by Disney? The future is full of opportunities, but more on that later. It’s the past that has a slight hiccup or two.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox has retained the rights to the first six movies and will own Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope forever.

This makes any hope of a owning a unedited version of the original trilogy very difficult.

With everyone jumping on the “screw you Lucas” train, what do members of the original cast have to say about the deal? With rumors that this new trilogy will be an original tale that leaves those cast decades ago relying on public appearances and residuals. Well, in an interview with TMZ Peter Mayhew, who played everyone’s favorite Wookie Chewbacca in the original Star Wars films, spoke up on the issue.

“I have no doubt Disney will respect and continue the legacy of Lucasfilm. I have worked with Disney for many years during their Star Wars Weekends Celebration and seen how much they love the films and the fans. [Disney] has an excellent track record for listening to the creator’s voice!”

At least someone cares. Even the most hated man in the Star Wars universe, one Jar Jar Binks played by Ahmed Best, has hopes for the future.

“George has always been a hero and a mentor. I am happy that the saga will continue.”

While many of us have spit in the wind at the mere mention of anything new coming out of Skywalker Ranch that involves any new trilogy it may be time for new beginnings. If the studio was planning a reboot or anything along those lines then we should be up in arms and if they make a new trilogy big deal. Just don’t go to the theater and watch it, problem solved.

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