Episode IX

Colin TREVORROW - SFF 2012

It’s a tough gig being a top Hollywood director at times. For example, a recent petition, which has currently garnered over 20,000 online signatures, calls for future Star Wars: Episode IX helmer Colin Trevorrow to be replaced by none other than George Lucas himself. Despite the avowed hatred his prequels still generate, it seems some fans like the idea of the bearded one calling shots on the last of the nine-film series. Trevorrow had kept a dignified silence on the whole thing… until now. (more…)


Has there ever been a more anticipated movie than Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens?  Sure, the prequels generated plenty of excitement but by the time Episode II: Attack of the Clones hit screens, the issues with the story and acting had overshadowed the excitement of finally returning to a galaxy far, far away.  TFA, by comparison, is already generating more buzz than any of the prequels and the brief footage that we have all seen is more than enough to prove that the franchise is heading in the right direction.  Disney, who owns Star Wars, agrees, and it looks like they feel J.J. Abrams is the man to thank for what we hope is a superior product to the prequels.  As a matter of fact, the Mouse House loves Episode VII so much that it appears they will be handing the directing reins back to J.J. for Episode IX. (more…)