episode VII release date


(I really ought to just hang on to this picture, huh?)

One of the first (and only) things Disney has seen fit to officially announce to the public regarding the most anticipated film in the history of…well, history was the release year of 2015. This was made official before JJ Abrams was announced as director, or Michael Arndt was brought on (and later removed) as screenwriter. For a time, the traditional Star Wars release month of May was assumed–then, just recently, the House of Mouse announced that Episode VII would instead hit theaters on December 18

And the film’s director couldn’t be happier.


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Well folks, much to my surprise the latest news for the latest Star Wars movie is more than just a rumor.  Finally, Disney is dropping some official knowledge on us and this time it has to do with the Episode VII release date.  Previously, they’d been talking about aiming toward summer of 2015, but it looks like the production schedule has been moved back a bit.  And the new release date is… (more…)