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Joss Whedon has made a career out of strong female-based characters and his feminist themes run strong in shows such as Firefly and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. We even have Black Widow teaming up with Captain America in The Winter Soldier and holding her own as part of The Avengers Team. So, who better than Whedon – honored in 2006 by ‘Equality Now’ for being a staunch ally to woman – to talk about the widespread misogyny that is rife on the internet (recently we witnessed the Marvel hiccup with Milo Manara’s variant cover for Spider-woman #1, and now with  #gamergate taking center stage as the current internet hot bed). The fact that this is still a very problematic issue – if not, worse – as it was back in the mid 2000s is a pretty jarring sentiment.

Recently Whedon made an appearance at an Equality Now event in Los Angeles, and what he had to say, offers a detailed insight into his origins as a feminist and his views on the recent state of affairs within the online community. (more…)


A few days ago, Joss Whedon had the pleasure of being honored by Equality Now and, of course, a speech must go with the acceptance of such an honor.  Using the opportunity to geek out on words, Whedon delves into the nature, sound and implications of the word “feminist.”  You can agree with him or not, but he certainly has a point with what he has to say.  Check out the speech in the video below: (more…)