Eric Draven


Eric Draven may have come back from the dead but he is far from a zombie.  The character at the heart of the James O’Barr classic comic book series The Crow is smart, cunning, ruthless and utterly insane, but he is definitely not a zombie.  Yet, like a close friend that has come back from the dead during a zombie apocalypse that no one is willing to put down, the Crow reboot keeps shuffling forward.  We recently announced that Jack Huston is the latest actor to be rumored to take on the iconic role of Draven in the upcoming adaptation and now we have word that another television actor will be joining the cast.  If James O’Barr is to be believed, it appears that Downton Abbey’s Jessica Brown Findlay will be playing Shelly to Huston’s Eric. (more…)


“Remake” is the name for catastrophe on the lips and hearts of all fanboys.  The hate of remakes, reboots, reimaginings, etc., that most fanboys feel is almost palpable when the words are brought up in geeky company.  Many of us have our ideas of just what a property should look like, especially when it is a comic book or nostalgic  property, and trying to change our ideas of what those properties should look like is almost as impossible as finding that perfect cosplay the night before a comic convention when you only have $5 in your pocket.  One of the remakes that has drawn constant ire ever since the rumors of a reboot first started up a couple of years back is James O’Barr’s gothic classic, The Crow.  For many people, remaking 1994’s The Crow is about as sacrilegious as having Mel Gibson rewrite the bible then calling it gospel.  Well, if the man behind The Crow, O’Barr, is to be believed, some of Eric Draven’s most zealous fans can relax a bit, because the reboot will not be a remake of the 1994 film, which famously starred Brandon Lee.  So, what will fans be getting? (more…)