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Far from a new idea, a film of The Goon comic series was first launched on Kickstarter in 2012. It was planned to be a feature length animated production based on Eric Powell‘s fifty comic series. It seemed to have a fair amount of steam behind it, too, with over 7,500 fans raising almost $450,000 to put towards it. The project even attracted the attention of big names including David Fincher of House of Cards.

The Goon is an irreverent comic book written by Eric Powell and published via Dark Horse Comics.  Superstar director David Fincher (Fight Club, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) has the crazy notion that it would make a good animated film.  The two, with the help of Blur Animation Studio have been working on it for a while, but need money to keep the project going and convince Hollywood wallets to open up so that The Goon can see a big screen release.  So their next step in the project has been to organize a Kickstarter campaign and call upon the generosity of The Goon’s loyal fans.

If you haven’t heard of The Goon, it’s basically a rude, comedic story filled with zombies, robots, gangsters, monsters and all manner of things that make life wonderful.  The film version will be featuring Clancy Brown as the voice of The Goon and Paul Giamatti as Franky, his trusty sidekick.  This Nerdbastard is filled with awesome at the sound of this.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to the crew’s sales pitch:

You might be asking yourself, “I’ve seen footage of The Goon animated film online… why do they need money? Isn’t it already being made?

The answer to that question is NO. The Goon Film has NEVER been in production. All the work you’ve seen (animation footage, trailers, artwork, etc.) has been produced independently and out-of-pocket by the creative team of David Fincher, Eric Powell, Blur Studio and Dark Horse Entertainment. We created “proof of concept” footage to show Hollywood the incredible potential of a Goon movie. It was very well received BUT because this movie isn’t a sequel or filled with dancing animals we’ll need more to bust open the gates and UNLEASH Goon and Franky on Hollywood. And by the freakishly barbarian strength of Aunt Kizzie, we’ll find a way to succeed!

And here’s a link to their Kickstarter, where you can see the test footage and listen to them rant about why you should give cash to the cause.

As of this writing, the numbers are sitting at $50,000 out of the $400,000 that they’re looking for.  So if you want to see this made (and seriously, who doesn’t?), jump on board and donate a few bucks.  If we all band together, we may yet see The Goon turned into the truly kick-ass movie that it can be.


Thanks to /film for helping to spread the word.

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