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As this is NerdBastards, it’s safe to assume anyone reading this is waiting with eager anticipation for any and all news related to Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One. The book celebrates everything Nerds love: video games, role playing games, science fiction and fantasy films, and a whole lot more. The news that Spielberg would be helming the production is nothing new, but little has been released about the production since that news broke and fans have been clicking madly online for any information they could find. Finally, after months of silence, a set phone has been released and anyone who has read the book will recognize the location immediately…



It wasn’t a great weekend for Steven Spielberg. His latest film, The BFG, finished behind Finding Dory, The Legend of Tarzan, and The Purge: Election Year to end up fourth at the box office, and that’s not good when your last name’s Spielberg, who, admittedly, has had disappointing returns before. So let’s stop focusing on the past and look ahead to Spielberg’s next film, Ready Player One. Based on the fairly popular novel of the same name by Ernest ClineReady Player One has been described as Willy Wonka meets The Matrix, and it comes loaded with 80s references. So if you’re one those people anxious to see this one – good news – principal photography on the film has already begun. (more…)


TJ Miller Deadpool

HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ and ‘Deadpool’ star T.J. Miller has been added to the cast of ‘Ready Player One,’ Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the action-packed, sci-fi novel by Ernest Cline. In the Warner Bros./Village Roadshow produced film, Miller will take on the role of i-R0k, an online troll who searches and monitors the online forums of the wildly popular virtual reality MMO game Oasis. (more…)


If Andy Weir‘s name sounds familiar, it should, he’s the best-selling author of The Martian, which went on to become a blockbuster Ridley Scott movie starring Matt Damion. Weir is also a huge fan of Ready Player One, written by Ernie Cline. Cline’s book is also getting the movie treatment with Steven Spielberg directing, so the pair have a lot in common. Weir enjoyed Ready Player One so much that he felt he had to write Lacero, a short story set in Ready Player One‘s universe. What we as fans, and Andy Weir, would call Fan Fiction. What is surprising and wonderful about this story is that Cline has read that fan fiction and decided to make it canon in the Ready Player One universe. (more…)

Ben Mendelsohn

Hype for the upcoming movie Ready Player One isn’t quite buzzing around the internet yet, but give it time. It’s coming. The film is based off of the debut novel of the same name by author Ernest Cline, the rights to which were purchased by Warner Bros. in an intense bidding war a year before the book was even published. Ready Player One will be directed by one of the most acclaimed filmmakers of all time, Steven Spielberg, and will star Olivia Cooke in a lead role. With things quickly falling into place for this movie, the casting search has turned to the villain of the film and led to veteran actor Ben Mendelsohn, who is currently busy filming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


MST3K Revival Adds Dan Harmon And Justin Roiland


I think it is safe to say that the Kickstarter started way down in Deep Thirteen is proving that there is a desire for more Mystery Science Theater 3000. With just over two days and one million dollars left in the fundraiser, it is at least confirmed that we will be getting 6 new episodes of riffing goodness and with each subsequent announcement of new cast members the excitement just continues to grow. We now know who will be the new Mads and their hapless victim, but little has been said about the writing staff, that is until now, and show creator Joel Hodgeson just dished up a juicy plate of fan favorites. (more…)


It was rumored that Steven Spielberg was poised to adapt Ernie Clien’s novel Ready Player One to film. For those unfamiliar with the material, RPO is a wildly successful book celebrated for it’s collection of ’80s video game, pop-culture, and Sci-Fi references. Spielberg was supposedly very eager to adapt book, even well before it was published. But given Spielberg only seems to be doing historical dramas these days, his dealings seemed fan driven.

His involvement is real, and the project just got an official release date!  (more…)


In what maybe the perfect sythesis of director and material, it seems that Steven Spielberg has claimed the right to make the film version of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, a novel that Hollywood’s been very eager to adapt since even before it was published. The book takes place in a virtual reality environment where various “players” search out the one Easter egg that will let them take control of said world. So why is Spielberg the perfect man for the job? The book includes several mentions of the master’s work and references to his 70s/80s heyday with hits like the Indiana Jones trilogy, E.T.: The Extraterrestrial, and The Goonies. (more…)


It’s Loot Crate time again, another mysterious black box has arrived with untold treasures inside. If you are new to this subscription box service thing, once a month (and for less than $20 USD including shipping,) Loot Crate sends you a box of geeky nerdy things all wrapped around a theme. This months theme is #Play, so I guess that’s board games, card games, video games, role-playing games, and anything ‘play’ related.

My expectations are high on this one, the past few crates have been great and with this months theme having a RPG connection I could possibly get the hippogriff I have so desperately wanted after decades of playing D&D. Let’s open it up and see! (more…)


A previous report that Christopher Nolan was being eyed to direct an adaptation of the popular Ernest Cline novel Ready Player One was only partially right. As it turns out, Nolan’s is one of a number of marquee filmmakers who are on the studio’s shortlist to make the movie version of the award-winning book. Warner Bros., who is developing the adaptation and, frankly, are hungry for a new franchise, see potential gold in an idea that’s been described as one part Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, one part The Matrix, and one part The Da Vinci Code. So who all is looking to be recruited? And is one of them ready to step into the world of Ready Player One? Buckle your seat belts, because there’s some pretty provocative names on the list. (more…)