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Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… and mass hysteria is headed your way as the casts from the 1984 original and the 2016 reboot Ghostbusters will appear on stage together on Jimmy Kimmel Live to celebrate Ghostbusters Day on June 8th. “The Internet is gonna blow up, blow up real good,” as Big Jim McBob (Joe Flaherty) and Billy SOl Hurok (John Candy) would say on SCTV’s Farm Film Celebrity BlowUp. It’s the 32nd anniversary of the release of the first film. Which cast members will be on stage when the two streams cross?


Another big cameo has just been announced by Ghostbusters director Paul Feig. He decided to go ahead and announce Sigourney Weaver‘s cameo to beat the “leakers” to the punch. While Feig has said that he regrets these cameos being leaked and would rather have them be surprises for Ghostbuster fans, apparently he’s tired of the leaks and wanted to beat them at their own game. (more…)


It began with Dan Aykroyd, who let it slip that he was filming a cameo in the Ghostbusters reboot earlier this summer. And then came news that the ever reclusive Bill Murray, the man that more or less held up Ghostbusters 3 single handedly, has done a cameo of his own. With the sad passing of Harold Ramis, that left only one member of the original quartet who hadn’t yet endorsed the new, all female crew of Ghostbusters, but that all changed this weekend when director Paul Feig posted that Ernie Hudson had stopped by to lend his austere presence to the last day of principle photography on Ghostbusters. (more…)


Last fall’s big announcement by Marvel Studios not only revealed that Black Panther was amongst the next wave of heroes to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it also announced who was going to play T’Challa, the Black Panther, himself: Chadwick Boseman. Boseman will not only star in the standalone Panther movie, but his first on-screen appearance will be in Captain America: Civil War, which means that Boseman is going to be a very famous face once the summer of 2018 rolls around. So in casting the supporting roles, especially T’Challa’s father and Black Panther predecessor T’Chaka, they’re going to need someone equally famous. Like a Ghostbuster. Like Ernie Hudson. (more…)

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Ernie Hudson has been backtracking a few of his more choice comments regarding the all Female Ghostbusters movie that Paul Feig is putting together starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. It’s not all that unexpected though, Hudson’s first public reaction to the announcement of the movie went nuts around the Internet both with support and outrage from long time fans and others. While Hudson’s initial thoughts made some great click gathering posts, I never really thought he was the kind of guy that, after reflection, would be against anything that helped revitalize the Ghostbusters franchise… or possibly provide some future work and a paycheck. What exactly did he say and how does he feel now? (more…)


The Ghostbusters reboot is currently underway. Director Paul Feig has been keeping the public informed on all the changes that are occurring as of late, creating a lot of controversy through the pre-production progression. With original cast members split on the project (Bill Murray being all for it, and Ernie Hudson being against the sassy girl-power remake), the line of demarcation couldn’t be any more noticeable.

Now, the news just in, is that Feig wants to make a hard reboot with real scares as well as the all girl-power humor – all whilst retaining the coveted PG13 rating. Feig talks of his plans in the latest issue of Empire Magazine, and it might have fans of the original banging their heads against the proverbial brick wall, or taking to their keyboards to hurl all kinds of profanity-ridden-abuse towards the Bridesmaids filmmaker. (more…)


Here’s something to dig your teeth into! Paul Feig‘s highly anticipated reboot/sequel/same-universe/re-imagining all-female Ghostbusters may just have just have found one of his four paranormal crime-busters. Since the films announcement, hardcore fans of the classic 80s comedy have been on tenterhooks, “gossiping” and speculating about which actresses might be suiting up and dawning the proton packs. There are no stars officially attached to the project yet, but, finally we have some information regarding a conversation Feig had with Rebel Wilson. By the looks of things, this could have the potential to be a combination of Bridesmaids meets Ghostbusters. (more…)

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Most people know that Ernie Hudson wasn’t the first choice to star in the legendary paranormal comedy ‘Ghostbusters.’ Stories say it was an ensemble vehicle boasting Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Sigourney Weaver. There’s a strange alternate universe where Murphy didn’t bow out of the role and news outlets constantly reported diva bickering between him and the other top star, Murray. Here and now though, I don’t mind being happily stuck with the memories of Hudson playing Winston Zedmore, the fourth Ghostbuster. He too has great memories from those long gone days. But first, the painful ones. Ones of disrespect and lies, in the most classic Hollywood fashion. (more…)