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SBC as Mandrake

Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat, Brüno, The Dictator) has signed on as the lead in the upcoming film ‘Mandrake the Magician.’ The Warner Bros. flick, which has been in development for years and gone through many hands, seems to finally be moving forward. The adaptation of the 1934 syndicated comic strip drawn by Lee Falk is said to bring the story up-to-date and into the 21st Century. Sources are saying that the plan is for Mandrake to be recruited by the United States government for a secret mission requiring his skills and abilities. (more…)

Dan, We need to talk.

Mr. Aykroyd I, like the many others that may inadvertently read this personal letter cleverly disguised as a post on a nerd news site, can say I am a fan of so many things that you have brought to the big and small screen. First and foremost, the Ghostbusters‘ movies (with Spies Like Us a very close second) hold a special, special place and you remain in my top 5 list of original Saturday Night Live cast members that are Caucasian males with dark hair.

Over the past few years we have heard you entertain thoughts of a third movie about busting ghosts, and I will say I was on board. Right with you all up until it got a little bit silly. Right around the time when Bill (Murrayshredded the script (allegedly.) Not to say that his lack of interest in the project is part of why I think it is a bad idea, however his lack of involvement helps my decision.

Recently in an interview with Esquire magazine when asked about Sony’s recent financial problems leading to GB3 being delayed you responded with this:

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Last week Dan Aykroyd, the last man on Earth convinced that a third Ghostbusters is in the not too distant future, announced that a new writing team had been hired to try and bring Ghostbusters III just that little bit closer to principal photography. Well according to Variety, that team is really just one man: Etan Cohen.

Now Cohen’s an interesting choice. He penned Tropic Thunder, but more importantly he was one of the writers (or at least one of the credited writers) on Men In Black 3, another threequel that a lot of people, myself included, thought would never happen. Cohen now takes over scripting chores from Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (The Office), who were hired on the project in September 2008.

In its article, Variety adds that the film “is expected to find original castmembers Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray passing the torch to a new generation of Ghostbusters,” which says absolutely nothing as to what the film will actually be about. If anybody knows what that is, of course.

More news when – and if – it develops.

Source: Comic Book Movie