Ethan Nicolle

Jeremy filled us in yesterday on the upcoming animated Axe Cop TV show coming to FOX’s planned Saturday late-night programming block that is being spearheaded by Nick Weidenfeld, the head of Animation Domination HD (or ADHD) and a former Adult Swim executive. Early reports also indicated that Weidenfeld had begun searching for a showrunner, news that had me wondering what role Axe Cop creators Ethan Nicolle and his brother, 8 year old Malachai, would have on the show.

On break from riding dinosaurs and bribing a child, Ethan took a moment to fill us in on his and Malachai’s role with Axe Cop the TV show.

I will be a producer on the show and when needed (I) will bounce things off of Malachai for input. It is true that the show will not be written by either of us because it’s just not feasible to make a tv show dependent on a child’s whims, but I have talked to a lot of different people in Hollywood about bringing Axe Cop to the screen and Nick, as well as everyone else I have met at ADHD, are the most serious and passionate Axe Cop fans I’ve met in the industry and I feel pretty confident they will treat it right. You get a lot of people out here who are after it because it’s “got a lot of buzz” (and they have no idea why). Nick gets Axe Cop. He has been going to bat for it for a while now and his enthusiasm for it is exciting. I also think putting Axe Cop in adult animation leaves it open to be just as over the edge as it is in the comics. If we went all ages we would have to dial it back a lot. I’m as excited as everyone else is for this, I can’t wait to see Axe Cop come to life! – Ethan Nicolle

For more on Axe Cop, check out the official website, and you can also click here to read our interview with Ethan from last month. 

“He’s 7” I said while reading through Axe Cop, marveling at the unbound imagination of a kid distilled and enhanced by his brother, artist Ethan Nicolle. Violence, dinosaurs, robots, far out settings and scenarios define Axe Cop and have helped it rise from a webcomic to something more thanks to a growing army of fans and Dark Horse Comics. I spoke to Ethan days after the release of the collected 3rd volume of Axe Cop and we spoke about his and his young brother Malachai’s creative process, the assumptions people (including me) have about Malachai, and the future of the book.