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Robert Kirkman is slowly turning into his own Stan Lee. His most famous comic, The Walking Dead, centering on the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, is one of cable TV’s highest-rated dramas and is about to go into its 7th season on AMC. The supernatural horror story Outcast focusing on demonic possession is about to start its second season on Cinemax this month. His production company Skybound Entertainment which has produced both TV show as well as other projects, including a remake of An American Werewolf in London. And it looks like they aren’t slowing down anytime soon as another one of his properties is being adapted, this time for the big screen.


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Audio commentary for the pilot episode of AMC’s ‘Preacher,’ which debuted this past Sunday, can now be heard in its entirety online. The commentary features the team of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, both of whom are executive producers and co-directors of the series.

The episode, which is considered the pilot episode, did quite well in the ratings and received generally positive feedback and remarks for this new show. So the folks over at AMC decided to allow the fans the opportunity to hear commentary by the directors and listen to their thoughts on the series, the struggles in finally bringing the adaptation to the small screen, and a lot of fun and interesting facts about last Sunday’s pilot episode.


Obviously, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg must be feeling pretty good about how well they’ve adapted the Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon Vertigo comic book series Preacher, because they are about to tackle another major Ennis title. Preacher premieres on AMC next month, and the early buzz has been very, very positive, so why not next tackle the book that Ennis himself once said he hoped to “out-Preacher Preacher” with. Yes, for their next trick, Rogen and Goldberg are planning on adapting The Boys, an Ennis book released under Wildstorm and Dynamite, for a channel that will loosen even further the cuffs on violence, language and sexuality: Cinemax. (more…)


Hey, remember Where’s Waldo? You’re school library probably had a ton of them, hours and hours of hide and seek goodness as you scour each page for a bespectacled beatnik in a striped red shirt and hat with a walking stick. Sometimes he’s with a dog and a woman that looks and dresses suspiciously like him, and you, the reader, are asked to find them too. Yeah, well it’s now going to be a movie. Many have tried to bring Where’s Waldo to the big screen before, but now the dynamic duo of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are going to try and find a way to make Waldo a movie. (more…)


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg already have one Garth Ennis comic book adaptation, Preacher, coming to television on AMC, but word around the Internet is that the pair are also working with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke on getting Ennis’ The Boys on the small screen. Could The Boys, with all its crazy, gloriously gory, over the top, depraved sexual humor actually make it on the small screen? If there was a movie, that actually followed the comic, it would have to be rated NC-17.



The world and characters that Garth Ennis created in his Preacher comic run is so out-there crazy fun, it sounds like an almost impossible task to bring some of these personalities to life. Take for example, Arseface. After a botched attempted suicide, a shotgun blast leaves Arseface’s face disfigured and looking, well… rather like a butt hole. Thanks to a Facebook post by Seth Rogen, we’re able to have our first sneak peek at Ian Colletti as Arseface– and the character translates extremely well! (more…)


After years in development hell, the new series based on the DC Comics/Vertigo title Preacher seems to be really coming together. Under the auspices of the cable channel AMC and executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the casting process for the series has been going full-force the last week, and now another important piece of the acting puzzle’s been filled. When Jesse Custer departs on his trip across America to find God next year, he will have the assistance of one of the most important characters from the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon graphic novel. Hint: he drinks blood. At least when he’s not drinking alcohol. (more…)


In the massive library of comic franchises that could be easily turned into the next film or TV show, none are as exciting or as odd as the cult classic Preacher. While it’s great to see this comic get some mainstream attention, one wonders if the content of the originals will shed a negative light on AMC’s adaptation of the series. Americans aren’t as quick to accept a story in which God doesn’t have absolute power. The only way the project might succeed is with strong casting and writing, and the series may already have its lead. (more…)


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been trying to get Preacher on to the small screen for some time now, and it looks like it’s finally happening thanks to AMC ordering a pilot episode, with a view to commission a whole series. Now, what makes this an interesting concept – whether you are a fan of Rogen and Goldberg or not – is that a comic adaptation of this nature belongs on a network like AMC. The comics are published by the the Vertigo label (iZombie, Hellblazer), which says it all really, especially in terms of how dark, and violent the subject matter is (oh, and let’s not forget the deep sacrilegious themes that run throughout the series). If is fitting that AMC have taken a gamble on this, as Rogen and Goldberg’s admission that they want to stay “true to the comic,” means that it’s going to be all kinds of controversial. As we have seen, bringing dark source material to cable TV just doesn’t cut it. The proof is in the pudding, having just witnessed the failure, that is: Constantine. (more…)


Preacher is one of those properties that was kicked around Hollywood for years before a live action adaptation was finally snatched up by the unlikeliest of show runners: comedy masters Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.  Now that we know that the comic book adaptation has a home on AMC, questions about other aspects of the production have started to crop up in people’s minds.  To date, there have been no announcements that would give fans of the hit comic book series even a hint as to who would fill the shoes of Jesse Custer, the “Preacher” mentioned in the title, or who would be at the helm of the adaptation.  While it may not be anywhere near official, Seth Rogen and director Duncan Jones (the upcoming Warcraft) recently had a very interesting Twitter conversation about that exact subject. (more…)