evil clowns

Clowns.  They’re scary as hell and many people underestimate their capacity for killing and eating children.  Once, Stephen King tried to warn us about them with his book It.  Now, that story will be told on the big screen and the scariest clown ever, Pennywise, will be coming back to freak the living crap out of a new generation of kids and adults alike.

It was, in my opinion, one of Stephen King’s better and creepier books, following the lives of a group of friends in both present and past as they dealt with a terrible, evil clown in their hometown.  The book was made into a TV mini-series back in the 90s, but now the clowns at Warner Brothers are looking to capitalize a little more and make It into not one film, but two.  This is the culmination of a project that has been “in the works” for more than a decade.

So far, Cary Fukunaga (Jane Eyre) has been set to direct as well as to help co-writer Chase Palmer with the script.  Though it may seem an unnecessary remake to some, the chance to bring It to the movie theater presents some new opportunities to make it as gruesome and screwed-up as King’s book was, as opposed to the water-down treatment that was necessary to get the mini-series cleared for television audiences.

Personally, I think that if they don’t release the two movies reasonably close to each other, it’s not going to work too well.  Part of the movie is suspense, and a year-long or more wait is definitely a suspense killer.  And, of course, it’s going to be really hard to top Tim Curry’s pure evil as Pennywise.

Whatcha think, Nerdreaders?  Good or bad?  Can anyone in the world be as cool as Curry the Clown?  Just another attempt at making ca$h?


Thanks to the folks at blastr, once again.