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Groovy! More Evil Dead Coming To A Tabletop Near You


Good news for Evil Dead fans out there! For years fans of the Evil Dead franchise have been begging for a fourth Evil Dead movie. What they got instead was a TV series Ash vs Evil Dead which could potentially offer years worth of Ash battling the forces of evil. And the dead. If that wasn’t enough, fans will soon be able to play as Ash and battle those deadites in a new board game published by Space Goat Productions. (more…)

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Relax, bitches. I’m on the case.

Alas, we here at Nerd Bastards must report that something we said a little while back was, in fact, false.  While the Internet feeds us the information of the world, for some reason there’s a small chance (very tiny indeed) that people actually get it wrong.  Who would have known that this miracle of modern technology could feed us lies?  And this week’s Internet BS correction is – Fede Alvarez will indeed be directing Evil Dead 2 (the future one that is, not the one that’s already been made). (more…)

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With Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake fast approaching its release date, everyone ever involved with the franchise is getting harassed by fans and media who want to know more.  Well, we happen to have heard a rumor or two and it looks like there could be plenty more in the future.  First and foremost, Alvarez is all set to continue the story that he’s developed.  Secondly, it looks like Sam Raimi, if he ever continues his own version, will be aiming at continuing Army of Darkness as opposed to the classic Evil Dead storyline.

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This is a tribute.

This is not the greatest video in the world.

No, this is just a tribute.

Couldn’t remember the greatest video in the world, no, no.

This is a tribute.

Oh, to the greatest video in the world.

Alright, it was the greatest video in the world.

Alright, it was the best muthafuckin’ video.

The greatest video in the world.

put this little gem together, it’s a tribute, a tribute to the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness movies. There’s no S-Mart, but maybe that’s for the encore video tribute that the Internet is gonna demand after seeing this tribute.

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The Interwebz, where nerd art runs wild. Oh, and they draw a lot too. Some times nerd art takes dark unspeakable forms, such as the day the black plague hit Equestria, oh the ponimanity. Other times it’s exactly what it should be. Yes, It’s time for a Nerd Art Dump.

ABOVE: By now millions of gamers are in the midst of this exact sight, after hours of playing Blizzard‘s Diablo 3 on their computers they and their room are wrecked. Since seeing a drawing of a sweating male gamer would make you pry your eyes out, we opted for the safer, more feminine version. [The Smiling Sam]

Hit the jump for a Game of Thrones/Adventure Time mash-up, Batman vs. Guy Gardner, Hulk’s fist and MOAR!

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ABOVE: That is a real working Nintendo NES controller coffee table. And for the smidgen of a price, only $3,500 it can be yours! (Geeks of Doom)


It’s all fun and games until someone puts out an eye, chops off an hand, or lops off a head. Then it’s all sniveling, running to Mom, and the sting of Iodine. I’m not sure there’s enough Iodine on hand in the bathroom cabinet for the people in the movies listed below. That might take more than just a tube or two. Everyone likes the scenes in movies that shock or surprise you. The best of those scenes also throw in a little mutilation and limb flying action. It’s interesting to note that of the ten movies scenes listed below, only three of the ten, are concidered Horror movies.

You might notice that the list is not numbered and not in any real order. It’s a random listing of ten of the greatest scenes where someone is chopped, has a body part lopped, or removed with extreme prejudice. This NerdBastard is confident that you, the reader,  can arrange the scenes in order of your preferences and probably add a scene or two that escaped this NerdBastard’s feeble memory. That’s what the comments section is for isn’t it? Before you start drafting that comment to slice, dice, and eviscerate this writer’s humble attempt to amuse the masses, check out the scenes below. You can watch the videos by clicking on the highlighted links, isn’t technology wonderful?


Monty Python and the Holy GrailBlack Knight scene. This scene, hell this movie, is such a big part of many of our geek childhoods. One would be hard pressed to find a D&D player that has not said, “It’s only a flesh wound.” at least once while playing. Don’t even mention that we get FOUR limbs sliced and diced by Arthur in one great scene. When I was looking for this scene I have to admit that I ended up watching about half the movie before I got back to the article.



SawThe foot cutting scene. This might be the scene that most average movie goers think of first when thinking about limbs being chopped and or lopped off. The build up is fantastic, the music gripping, you just can’t look away, even when you want to. This is the Evil Dead 2 hand scene without the humor that made it bearable. Since we just mentioned it:


Evil Dead 2The Hand chop scene. Even considering the self fight scene from  Fight Club, this Evil Dead 2 scene is still the greatest self fight scene in the history of cinema. The mixture of humor and horror has never been done any better than in this scene with Ash fighting his own hand.


Reservoir DogsThe ear torture scene. When you get a moment look this scene up on YouTube  and check out how many re-shot, student /  film school videos this scene has inspired. The act of brutality is implied off screen making it even more horrible and the lightness of the accompanying music is a stroke of genius. The whole scene is chilling, not seeing the actual cuts makes you feel them even more.


HighlanderThe Death of Ramirez. This NerdBastard is not ashamed to admit tearing up the first time he watched this scene. The fight, the lightning storm, and the final beheading was great to watch, too bad they never made any other Highlander movies. I mean it wouldn’t be much of a Highlander movie without Ramirez in it and without his head Ramirez couldn’t come back, that would make NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER!


Dawn of the Dead 1970Helicopter vs Zombie scene. It’s an age old question, who wins in a helicopter versus Zombie fight. Dawn of the Dead is arguably the greatest Zombie movie ever made. I saw this movie before watching Night of the Living Dead. This was back when television played what it wanted to when it wanted to and you got lucky to catch a movie like this on some VHF late monster movie show. Now a days you young wipper snappers just go to the YouTube and watch what you want when you want. Crap, you made me pull out the old man rant.


Kill Bill 2The eye pluck scene. The entire movie is about Kiddo slicing and dicing her way through all her enemies to get to Bill. The Crazy 88’s scene must have at least 20 cut off limbs alone. The eye pluck rises to the top though as a body part removal with extreme prejudice. Watch Elle’s face just before while their swords are locked. See that smirk, Elle knows she is stronger and has the advantage as the situation stands. Beatrix knows it as well and changes the odds with the eye pluck, it worked before with the other eye years ago, why not now?


The Silence of the LambsHannibal escapes scene. Hannibal cuts off the face of one of the guards in order to wear it and escape. When The Office parodies the scene, you know it had to be good. Re-watching this scene was a treat. The classical music playing while Hannibal brutally beats and murders those guards with no expression on his face except a hint of superiority and smugness.


Conan the BarbarianThulsa Doom Death scene. This was the movie back in the day. Somebody should make a remake of this movie, ONE THAT DOESN”T SUCK BALLS!

Having your village destroyed – FREE.

Throw into slavery and trained as a gladiator – FREE.

Killing the man that destroyed your family with your father’s broken sword in front of his legion of followers – PRICELESS.

One has to admire that Conan went with a “V” cut instead of the traditional horizontal slice. The sheer barbarity of the two stokes makes it memorable. Conan hacks the head off then plays Plinko with it, oh you silly barbarian.


Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackLuke’s Hand scene. Everyone knew this one was going to be on the list, how could it not be? This scene made me gasp in the theater, one of those rare “OH SHIT” moments that gets you and takes you right into the scene. The later revels that his father was Vadar and that his hand / arm had also been cut off just iced the cake for nerdy boys and girls. Now that I think about it, how many hands did get cut off in the series?



Starz Evil Dead 2 With BUNNIES!! 30 Sec Short

Chainsaw Ash with Bunny

Starz television has been doing these “Bunny” renditions of great movies for a long time, and this one just caught my eye. Evil Dead 2. Ash is a bunny chasing around his severed hand and cutting monsters up with a chainsaw! What’s not lovable about Ash, and Deadites and Demons and Bunnies!!! Watch this, it’s the most terrific 30 seconds of your life.

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