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This is a tribute.

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This is a tribute.

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put this little gem together, it’s a tribute, a tribute to the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness movies. There’s no S-Mart, but maybe that’s for the encore video tribute that the Internet is gonna demand after seeing this tribute.

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Evil Dead – Lawsuits and Reboots

The Evil Dead reboot is on the way and Sam Raimi is sitting in the production chair, making sure that everything comes out fine in the end.  This means that he’s ok with the new film and supportive of the efforts to remake one of his classics.  One thing Raimi is not ok with is another production company looking to make Evil Dead 4 without his permission.

The proposed fourth installment of the franchise is being put together by Award Pictures and is titled Evil Dead 4: Consequences.  It has connections to neither the original creators nor cult-icon Bruce Campbell.  Just those simple facts make the likelihood of it succeeding pretty much impossible.  But Raimi and his company, Renaissance Pictures, want to make sure that it never even gets made.

So how do the big-wigs at Award Pictures justify this blatant ripping of someone else’s creative property?  Well, apparently Raimi made a statement around 12 years ago that went something like this:

“We’re never going to do a sequel.”

And the lawyers at Award are saying that those words really mean this:

“This statement is a public declaration by the defendant that the defendant abandoned the alleged ‘mark,’ Evil Dead, decades ago,”

Wtf?  Seriously, just because Raimi didn’t want to do any more sequels, he loses his rights?  What about all the other Evil Dead crap that still hits market?  What about the video games and toys and, well, the bloody reboot?

It all sounds like a bunch of legal-loophole crap to me, and hopefully those who get to make the final decision in the matter will see it much the same.  Although with the back-asswards legal system inAmerica, you never know if these wankers will come out on top.

And now, moving on to a subject that has no legal issues surrounding it – the Evil Dead reboot is officially shooting.  The latest word is that principal photography has begun and is expected to be completed sometime in July.

The new film is said to be pretty much the same thing as the original, though with a more realistic angle.  They’ve even gone so far as to bring on relatively unknown actors, despite the fact that there is probably a small horde of well-known actors who would give their right hand to get a piece of this cult action.

For those that haven’t seen the original (poor bastards), it’s basically a story about five people stuck in a cabin in the woods (not to be confused with the recent Joss Whedon film) that unlock an ancient evil, get possessed by demons and start killing each other.

It sounds like pretty basic horror stuff, but it was Raimi’s “unique” style that turned the film into the cult classic that it is today and spawned two sequels (not three).  Raimi and Campbell are onboard with the sequel in a production capacity, lending their hands and heads to make sure it doesn’t turn out like crap, so hopefully the new version will be something to look forward to.

The Evil Dead reboot is expected to hit theaters April 12 of next year.


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