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As the new year begins, we take one final look back at 2015 to identify once and for all what the best nerdy movies of 2015 were. Despite our complaints about Hollywood’s lack of originality, or its overdependence on franchises or previously established intellectual properties, this is still not an easy list to tabulate; in the year 2015, there were more than enough contenders to make two Top 10 lists. Since we’re in the business of playing favorites, however, 10 and only 10 could be chosen, and so we chose.

Making the cut this year were a fair number of sequels and spin-offs, but also a hardcore science-fiction film, an allegory-filled horror entry, a bloody western, a charming animated movie, a documentary, a mockumentary, and the only movie that took A.I. and all its implications seriously in a year full of killer, self-aware robots. Submitted for your approval, here are the Top 10 Films of 2015 (and the 5 Worst ones). (more…)


He helped redefine the zombie genre with 28 Days Later, and he helped wash the bad taste of the Sylvester Stallone-starring Judge Dredd out of our mouths with 2012’s Dredd, and now Alex Garland wants us to re-think artificial intelligence. It’s a tough topic to break despite the efforts of two recent high-profile, and high-budget, misfires (Transcendence and Chappie), but according to the early reviews from this year’s South By Southwest, Garland stands a better than average chance of changing that with his new film Ex Machina. In the fascinating and haunting new trailer, we get a new look at what Garland has in store with the movie. Does it make you even more anxious to see it? Let’s find out. (more…)

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Many of us may know the name of Alex Garland as the brains behind the pen that crafted scripts for movies like 28 Days Later and the latest Dredd reboot.  Now it looks like the writer will become a director, taking on a sci-fi thriller project by the title of Ex Machina.

Garland’s first foray into the world of directing will be made easier by the fact that he also happens to be the writer of Ex Machina.  The plot of the flick is supposed to follow the story of an employee of a billionaire inventor as he’s used as a guinea pig, being locked away in his home with a female AI of the inventor’s design.

Given what Garland has written for audiences previously, we might have something worth watching here, as long as his directorial skills don’t blow, of course.  Currently, they’re looking to start up as early as this summer and aiming for a release in 2014.


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“The First Hundred Days” collects the first five issues of Brian K. Vaughan’s Ex Machina, one of two brilliant series the writer has introduced to comics fans in the last decade, the other being the somewhat better known Y: The Last Man. While Y is a story told on a somewhat bigger scale, with a bigger concept and a more action-heavy story, Ex Machina may very well be the better tale. It’s part political thriller, part hero’s journey, part superhero adventure and part psychological trip, all told with Vaughan’s flair for playing with chronology, brilliant dialogue, and primal attachment to compelling characters.