expendables 2

This week on the podcast: Vin Diesel as The Vision? A stain on Picard’s chair, Meat in 3-D, Shia Labeouf puts away his robots, Joe Carnahan raids YouTube to make a Daredevil sizzle reel, and the guys investigate who killed the 80’s action star on the eve of The Expendables 2!

Also on the show: DIRECTORS BE SAYIN SHIT! David Cronenberg thinks that comic books are adolescent… something that Jeremy and Jason collectivly say “nuh uh” too.

Then in DIRTY NERDY CONFESSIONS: Jason talks about toy rubbing and Jeremy is, once again, drawn to a life of crime solving after a run-in with his nemesis.

The Bastardcast — the official podcast of historic dead people whose likeness rights are now public domain.

Shit we talk about on the podcast:

3-D Meat

Picard Chair/Hobo Urinal

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Garrison Dean is a fan of The Expendables franchise and thought that the second installment’s trailer so far needed some tweaking to set it apart from the usual summer superhero blockbusters.

By using scenes from Green Lantern, John Carter and The Avengers—as well as looking ahead to The Amazing Spider-Man, Dean asks the question:

What has happened to the American Action Movie?

 Is it all just CGI and tights, not if Dean has anything to say about it. He has even gotten  Arnold Schwarzenegger behind this trailer.