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New Justice League Movie Team PhotoThe big DC Films team-up movie, Justice League, is set to drop a whole new trailer this upcoming Saturday (March 25,) so of course that means a galactic threat level hype machine is currently laying waste to social media across the globe that would leave Despero envious. From Twitter, to YouTube, to Facebook and beyond, Warner Bros. social media interns have been enduring the first 3 cords of The White Stripes ‘Icky Thump’ on repeat as each member of the team has been getting their own 20 second teaser and character poster.

Aquaman was up first, shortly followed by a few other teammates: (more…)


It’s been a bad month for directors on high-profile superhero movies, but in the case of Warner BrosThe Flash, trouble with directors is par for the course. First there was LEGO Movie filmmakers Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who despite still having a story credit, have moved on the Han Solo movie. Then there was Seth Grahame-Smith, author of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but he seemed to get shuffled off in the fallout of Batman V Superman and its controversies. And then there was Rick Famuyiwa, director of Dope, he was supposed to offer the light touch the studio and fans wanted, but now even he is gone. But we know what you’re thinking: What does the Flash himself think? (more…)


As the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) continues to build its universe, they are getting ready for the big screen version of The Flash. Director Rick Famuyiwa will be helming the film with Seth Grahame-Smith writing the script. Ezra Miller will reprise his role of the titular character first seen in videos on Batman v Superman and briefly seen in Suicide Squad. We will get to see Barry Allen truly in action in next year’s Justice League film. Post-Justice League, The Flash will get his own film. Currently, it is rumored that fellow Justice Leaguer Cyborg will also be in the film as well as other Flash-centric characters like Iris West, Eobard Thawne, Captain Cold, Jay Garrick, and Golden Glider. The only confirmed casting besides Ezra Miller as The Flash has been actress Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, until now…


Twitter Hints at ‘The Flash’ Movie Villains

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Since the Flash made his first, lightening fast appearance in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the speedster has been a wonderfully mysterious point of discussion for fans around the world. Warner Bros‘ announcement of a new addition to the DC cinematic universe, due in 2018, while the CW television series The Flash is still going strong, has certainly piqued interests as people try to figure out what they could to do to make it feel fresh. Though a number of the big names involved in the project have already been announced – with Rick Famuyiwa directing, Ezra Miller donning the iconic golden lightening bolt and Kiersey Clemons portraying Iris – there’s still a lot we don’t know. (more…)

New Flash

It’s amazing what Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has done to the DC Comics superhero movie world. Zack Snyder wound up taking the heat for the less-than-expected return at the box office and mixed reviews from fans, as well as being unseated as the de facto overseer of the DC Extended Universe, a position that seemingly fell into his lap. DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has been brought in to co-run DC Films. Ben Affleck was made executive producer for the Justice League movie and will direct/write/star in his own solo Batman reboot.

Writer Seth Grahame-Smith was originally tapped to direct ‘The Flash‘, but the studio and Grahame-Smith parted ways due to creative differences over the movie’s direction and production costs. Warner Bros. has chosen Dope writer/director Rick Famuyiwa to direct the DC Films/Warner Bros. solo movie ‘The Flash.’



For die hard fans of any alternate, imaginary universe, there is no acceptable number of installments for those stories, except for infinity. And infinity isn’t a number so much as an impossibly abstract concept, so there is no acceptable number of installments. This is as true for Harry Potter as it is for Marvel or Star Wars or My Little Pony (don’t judge). That’s why, when it was announced back in 2013 that another story set in the Harry Potter universe was set to hit the big screen, there was a worldwide plethora of pants that required changing. That movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, wil hit theaters in November and is the first screenplay written by Harry Potter scribe herself, J. K. Rowling! Now, there is finally some footage from this greatly anticipated movie. Check it out below!



I said it a million times – anyone who thought for one second that Grant Gustin was going to the ‘Justice League’ movie should have their head examined. He is not a bankable enough player in Hollywood for such a leap. The man is doing great on television and, for now, that’s where he’s gonna stay. In the meantime, Warner Bros. has announced their pick for the role of DC Comics’ red speedster, and that outcome surprised me more than if they’d said Gustin was taking it. I think “surprise” might be too strong a word. But I did raise an eyebrow. Let’s go on. (more…)


Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujuhara laid out Warner and DC’s Cinematic Battle plan to take on Marvel at this year’s Time Warner Investor Day earlier today. Earlier this year along with the date change to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice there were a number of untitled movie dates released. Now we know the characters that will be featured in those still untitled films. (more…)