Face Off

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Glenn Hetrick may seem intimidating while in the judge’s seat of the SyFy hit series Face Off, but this titan of makeup/special effects art and design knows his craft. His work has been featured in iconic geek culture works such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Babylon 5 , The X-Files, Heroes (just to name a few) and most recently in The Hunger Games and Agents of Shield. But not only is the prolific artist making great strides in his career, but he is also using his new company Alchemy FX Studio to spearhead  the integration of CG and technical special effects application. This interview is one you don’t want to miss.

So check out our conversation below, and be sure to tune in to see Glenn on a new episode of FaceOff, Tuesday on SyFy at 9/8c or Wednesday during his guest-judge appearance for Steampunk’d on GSN at 8/7c!


Squeee!”Face Off” Renewed For 2nd Season


I don’t have much time for live TV anymore, but one of the shows that I’ve been curling up in front of (knees bent to chest with t-shirt tucked over, like a 5 year old) is Syfy Channels “Face Off“. I normally hate reality competition shows, but this is really something worth nerd attention. The premise? A collection of talented special effects make up artists show off their skills in weekly challenges and compete for the title of top artist. Watching this troupe of colorful personalities create everything from zombies to horror monsters is like watching Bob Ross paint. Seeing something amazing come together from nothing is fascinating. Plus, like any reality competition you have an opinion on who you think is going to win and as such you’re vested in their journey, and are obviously hooked for the rest of  season. In short, the inside look at the makings of cool creatures and astounding make-up, coupled with the drama of competition makes “Face Off” essential nerd viewing.

Obviously I’m not only one showing love for the show, ’cause viewership was enough for SyFy to renew ‘face Off’ for a second season.  Syfy Programming President Mark Stern had this to say;

“With strikingly intense personalities and creatively stunning challenges, Face Off has ignited viewers’ imaginations, making it Syfy’s best unscripted franchise launch ever. We look forward to another exciting season showcasing some of the best special effects make-up talent in the country.”

Face Off has had steady ratings over its first seven episodes with an average of 1.4 million viewers when you add in DVR.

Tune in tonight for the season one finale. My vote goes to Tate. That burly wonderful bastard is poised to take it all.