Fallout 4


Everything comes to an end and Fallout 4‘s last DLC Nuka-World is hitting later this month on August 30th. There’s a new trailer out today and this last DLC looks like a lot of fun. If it holds up to the Far Harbor DLC then Fallout fans should get one last hurrah before the long wait for Fallout 5, and we all know how long that might take. So get ready, there’s new characters, weapons, power armor, and places to see at Nuka-World, and let’s not forget the rides! (more…)


If you’re still playing Fallout 4 since the November 10th, 2015 release date, or have taken a breather from the game like this NerdBastard, it might be time to strap on that Power Armour and grab your weapon of choice, because the newest DLC Far Harbor is just on the horizon. Far Harbor promises to be the largest DLC landmass and characters that Bethesda has ever produced in the Fallout franchise. It seems things aren’t quite the way they seem in Far Harbor and it’s up to you to get to the bottom of it. (more…)

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The second of Fallout 4’s DLC is soon to hit Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam. The  followup to Automatron, the Wasteland Workshop promises to make some interesting changes  to your post-apocalyptic world. Bethesda Softworks has released an official trailer for the DLC,  teasing some of the fun we can expect. Building creatures, designing custom homes, gladiator  style battles? Yes, please!!! (more…)


Bethesda Softworks has released new details for Fallout 4’s upcoming downloadable content.  Fallout 4’s season pass is set to feature more content, but it comes at a price, literally. Bethesda originally announced Fallout 4’s season pass would cost $29.99, but has now revised the price to $49.99 promising “more than $60 worth” of content.  The price change will go into effect March 1. So If you’re hardcore Fallout 4 player, you can grab the season pass while it is still on a discount before the price change. If you were the extra hardcore Fallout 4 player that had already bought the DLC Season Pass back when the game first came out, you’re covered and will not have to make any other additional payments.


While it may be the running joke about gamers, when new games come out, we can be a little forgetful about what’s really important in life. Everyone’s seen those meme’s about the poor girlfriend and her boyfriend who’s playing Fallout 4 and totally ignoring her. Those lucky enough to find a significant other that not only understands those tendencies, but helps us get past them, is one well worth holding onto. Imgur user is one of those lucky few, and he recently posted some pictures describing the fabulous Fallout 4 birthday gift his girlfriend put together for him. (more…)

Face it, if you’re a reader of NerdBastards then the odds are that you play video games, lots of video games, but have you ever started playing a new game, decided to skip work and stop talking to your wife and friends for THREE WEEKS? Well a Siberian man is alleging just that. After seeing an advertisement and purchasing Bethesda‘s Fallout 4, he binge played so much in that three weeks that his boss fired him, his wife left him, and his health went into the toilet. Now he wants Bethesda to pick up the bill of his destroyed life.



In post-apocalyptic role-playing games Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, Nuka-Cola & Nuka-Cola Quantum were drinkable items for your character which would increase your Action Points and your radiation  for a short period of time, and if mixed correctly could become a great weapon. This drink, which is found all over the Wasteland is recognized by its icy blue color. But this fictional drink, is making its way onto store shelves this fall in preparation for the release of Fallout4, and unlike its fictional counterpart, it hopefully won’t make your pee glow.



Bethesda Softworks has just released a live action trailer for Fallout 4 that might just scratch that Fallout 4 itch you just can’t seem to reach. Music is one of the defining characteristics of the Fallout series of games. This trailer is no exception and uses Dion‘s 1961 song The Wanderer to set the perfect tone to this trailer as our Vault 111 survivor wanders around the wasteland. (more…)


If you are familiar with the Fallout games then you already know the shear joy of wandering the wastelands and exploring. Spending endless hours tooling around the post-apocalypse gathering bobby pins and teddy bears and running across the odd TARDIS here and there or a nuked fridge complete with fedora wearing archaeologist (what’s left of him at least.)

When Bethesda rolled out the latest in the series, Fallout 4, at E3 this year we were treated to more than a few videos showing off what awaits in what is left of Boston. I am sure the game will have a story about saving something or someone and probably a whole wack of quests about just that, but don’t let those distract you from what you are really there to do. The true meaning of the game will be finding the burnt out husk of a bar with a skeleton in a postal uniform and a particular rotund feral goul and finding out if they do know your name.

Anyway, wanna see 5 minutes of Fallout 4 exploration footage? (more…)