Fallout Nuka Break


In post-apocalyptic role-playing games Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, Nuka-Cola & Nuka-Cola Quantum were drinkable items for your character which would increase your Action Points and your radiation  for a short period of time, and if mixed correctly could become a great weapon. This drink, which is found all over the Wasteland is recognized by its icy blue color. But this fictional drink, is making its way onto store shelves this fall in preparation for the release of Fallout4, and unlike its fictional counterpart, it hopefully won’t make your pee glow.


New Webseries – Fallout – Nuka Break

Wayside Creations has followed up their very successful short Fan film Fallout – Nuka Break, by turning the concept into a web series. It shouldn’t surprise many of you really, once their video really started to rack up the views (Currently at 1,306,725 views), they promised to make it a web series if people would help them kick start the project.

Wow, 8k more than the goal, that is impressive. Now on to the fruits of their fans fund raising labours. Move over Guild, this NerdBastard may have a new web series favorite.