Toynk brings high quality toys and collectibles to your fingertips and they won’t be missing out on E3! Finding them at booth #SH417, Toynk will be debuting new exclusive collectibles from some of the gaming industry’s top games and movie franchises. Trading cards, prototype figures, and all manner of goodies, you don’t wanna miss out on Toynk’s booth during E3 2019. It’s bound to be one for the record books with huge announcements and vendors galore, but few will bring exclusive collectibles and prototypes like Toynk. What can you expect? NerdBastards has you covered.




In post-apocalyptic role-playing games Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, Nuka-Cola & Nuka-Cola Quantum were drinkable items for your character which would increase your Action Points and your radiation  for a short period of time, and if mixed correctly could become a great weapon. This drink, which is found all over the Wasteland is recognized by its icy blue color. But this fictional drink, is making its way onto store shelves this fall in preparation for the release of Fallout4, and unlike its fictional counterpart, it hopefully won’t make your pee glow.



If you are familiar with the Fallout games then you already know the shear joy of wandering the wastelands and exploring. Spending endless hours tooling around the post-apocalypse gathering bobby pins and teddy bears and running across the odd TARDIS here and there or a nuked fridge complete with fedora wearing archaeologist (what’s left of him at least.)

When Bethesda rolled out the latest in the series, Fallout 4, at E3 this year we were treated to more than a few videos showing off what awaits in what is left of Boston. I am sure the game will have a story about saving something or someone and probably a whole wack of quests about just that, but don’t let those distract you from what you are really there to do. The true meaning of the game will be finding the burnt out husk of a bar with a skeleton in a postal uniform and a particular rotund feral goul and finding out if they do know your name.

Anyway, wanna see 5 minutes of Fallout 4 exploration footage? (more…)


Fallout 3 holds a special place in all our gaming gamer hearts, but that doesn’t stop Smoosh Games from giving it the Honest Game Trailer Treatment. Even when blasting some particular aspect of the game, you can’t help but feel their love for the very thing they are attempting to lambaste. This might be the most conflicted Love/Hate relationship in the Known Universe, but maybe it’s more simply a Love/Annoyed relationship. (more…)

bottlecaps header

Every once in a while you hear about someone doing something that is just amazingly ridiculous. Today’s case-in-point – a Fallout fan was determined to pre-order the fourth installment of the series, though he decided to do so in a most unconventional manner. In fact, he shipped a box containing more than 2000 bottle caps right to Bethesda. A pic of the caps and the letter that accompanied the box are below. (more…)


Bethesda had their big E3 Fallout 4 announcement/demonstration earlier today and it was glorious. The game looks incredible and brought back all those fantastic Fallout memories of games past. It has been a hell of a long wait, but all indicators point toward the wait being well worth it as Bethesda cranks Fallout 4 all the way up to 11. That’s right, this game rates all the Spinal Tap references I can shove into it. (more…)


Hello prospective listener, thank you for your interest in the RadioBastard Podcast. Do you like Star Wars flashbacks, duplicitous robots, second hand LEGOS, living in a virtual world, 11 variations on a Boston accent, a little man with a big heart and the continued effort to keep Dan Harmon‘s pantry well stocked with the finest in name brand crackers? That’s fackin swell, because we’re talking all about those things and more on RadioBastard!

Also, do you like details? You’re in luck! Here’s something close to that… sort of! On the show this week, Jeremy, Jason and Blastr.com writer Matthew Jackson discuss: (more…)


Many film makers these days are shooting teasers or concept trailers to entice studio executives to get on-board and give new projects that much desired green light. While some never see the light of day, many make their way onto the Internet in hopes of generating enough buzz to re-ignite some financial backing momentum. This time around Zorro Reborn by director Ricardo de Montreuil is getting that Internet second chance at life. (more…)

Bethesda, best known as developers of RPG franchise hits like Fallout and Elder Scrolls, created a very unique challenge to their audience. They promised to award free games (by their company) for life to any child born on the release date of their newest game, Skyrim. To prevent thousands of people getting free shit, they included a very special stipulation: the child must be named “Dovahkiin”, after the game’s protagonist.

Sure, winning free games is nice and all, but is it really worth it to make your child hate you for life? As you can see by the young hatch-ling (above) pinned by video games, some parents sure as hell did. Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer was born at 6:08 on 11/11/11, entitling him to a lifetime of free Bethesda games and a lifetime of school yard shame. The kid’s only a week old and he’s already getting embarrassed online by his parents. This is how criminal masterminds start people!

By the way…Skyrim is AWESOME. Here’s an illustration that sums up my week:

30 hours in, 8 red bulls, 6 bags off cool ranch Doritos and a little bit of my soul lost. I think I may need to call a support group.

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New Webseries – Fallout – Nuka Break

Wayside Creations has followed up their very successful short Fan film Fallout – Nuka Break, by turning the concept into a web series. It shouldn’t surprise many of you really, once their video really started to rack up the views (Currently at 1,306,725 views), they promised to make it a web series if people would help them kick start the project.

Wow, 8k more than the goal, that is impressive. Now on to the fruits of their fans fund raising labours. Move over Guild, this NerdBastard may have a new web series favorite.