Family Tree

Avengers Family Tree ASSEMBLE!



Joe Stone has followed up his X-Men and Fantastic Four family trees with exploring the inter-connectivity displayed within the ranks of the ultimate Marvel comics team: The Avengers.

The best thing about Stone’s art, is that you have to be well-versed in your comic book lore.

For example, have you ever wondered just how well Jarvis and Spider-Man‘s Aunt May know each other? Or just how many people have fallen under Black Widow‘s spell, and how Squirrel Girl fits into it a picture about the Avengers?

Take a look and see how many characters YOU can name.

Confused? The line at the bottom of the illustration says it best: Read More Comics.


X-Men Family Tree


Comic books can get notoriously complicated with the relationships between characters, plots, marriages, children, alternate realities, etc… Suffice to say, there is no real easy way to learn everything about a character’s history that gives you full details of their comings and goings, although a Wikipedia page is always a good place to start.

Joe Stone is a graphic designer that created an illustrated guide to the various relationships present in the world of the X-Men from Marvel Comics, which is one of the most convoluted ones in the comics today. While it is no means a perfect image, it does a great showing just how connected all the characters are in the X-Men universe. Check out the full family tree below the jump.

Can you name every character below? There are a few I just cannot remember the names of … but the line at the very bottom sums it up nicely – “Confused? Read more comics.”