Fan Expo Toronto


Looking at the live action Batman movies of the last-quarter century we’ve had eight different movies starring five different actors as the Dark Knight Detective and his alter ego billionaire Bruce Wayne. That may be why for a generation of people, the only real definitive Batman is the man behind the voice behind the cowl, Kevin Conroy, who first “appeared” as the Caped Crusader in 1992 when Batman: The Animated Series premiered on Fox Kids. Conroy was one of a number of celebrity guests as the recent Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, and at a press event he talked about his Batman legacy, and why no one person is the definitive Dark Knight.  (more…)


“Quack! Quack! Quack!” Not traditionally how the start of a panel at Fan Expo Canada goes, but when you’re Elden Henson it’s to be expected. He’s put a lot of miles and a lot roles on his career in the almost 25 years since The Mighty Ducks, but he hasn’t been able to escape his legacy as the Duck’s enforcer Fulton Reed. “To this day I get Mighty Ducks, even doing the signings here most people want the Mighty Ducks picture signed,” Henson opined. But this was a day for Daredevil, and Henson was joined by co-star Charlie Cox, and Marvel Entertainment creative head Joe Quesada to talk about the popular Netflix series. (more…)


Joe Quesada is name that may not be familiar to many of the people that enjoy Marvel movies and TV shows, but it would be hard to say if there would even be a Marvel today, as we know it, without Quesada’s timely intervention. Starting with a small line of four books no one really cared about, Quesada soon found himself the head of the Marvel Comics at the turn of the century, and a prime force in taking the company from the brink of bankruptcy to being a multimedia empire standing up in its own right amongst the expansive Disney kingdom. He talked about this journey Friday at Fan Expo Canada(more…)


Time travel is not a new idea in fiction, and time travelling for the sake of saving the future isn’t a new idea either. So the big question walking into Travelers, the new sci-fi series from Stargate SG-1 co-creater Brad Wright, was how would the age old tale of changing the past to save the future be spun anew for a modern, savvy audience. The premiere episode of Travelers was screened at Fan Expo Canada Saturday followed by a Q&A with Wright and series star Eric McCormack, and the two are confident that Travelers will get people hooked like Wright’s last great sci-fi opus.  (more…)


For something that seemed like it might be a sad occasion, it was actually kind of uproarious. What was billed as Stan Lee’s final Canadian con appearance Sunday morning at Fan Expo Canada was a treat to witness as the Godfather of Marvel Comics shared stories, laughs and memories with a packed house of 4,000 of his closest Canadian fans. If this was a going away party, it was one of the best you could have go to.  (more…)


It was almost 25 years ago the last time that Bruce Campbell fought Deadites on the big screen. For years, fans wanted a fourth Evil Dead movie in a theater near them, but in the era of Peak TV, doesn’t it make more sense to bring Campbell, and Ash Williams, back to the fold in a longer, more complex adventure on the small screen? That was how it shook out with Ash Vs Evil Dead, but being on TV meant Ash couldn’t fly solo anymore. He needed sidekicks, and one of them, Dana DeLorenzo, appeared at Fan Expo Canada Friday to thank the fans for their support and tease them about what’s coming in season two.  (more…)


It was 14 years ago that Firefly premiered on Fox, and almost 14 years go that it was cancelled. You would never guess that if you looked around the room for the Alan Tudyk Q&A at Fan Expo Canada. Thousands of fans crammed themselves into Room 102, many of them in Kaylee coveralls or Jayne hats, all eager to hear from the man that piloted the starship Serenity for 14 episodes and one movie. Even though Tudyk has a big role in the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it was predominately Firefly memories that the crowd wanted to talk about.  (more…)


In a different world, this space would be filled up with tons of insight into John Barrowman‘s time on beloved fan series like Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Arrow, or his pending future as a utility villain across the DC Comics TV universe on the CW. On the other hand though, those that attended Barrowman’s Q&A at Fan Expo Canada today wouldn’t have traded his rollicking, R-rated music and comedy review for all the spoilers in the world.  (more…)


It was sad news for a small, but very dedicated group of fans this past spring when ABC announced that it was cancelling Agent Carter. Peggy Carter may not have had super-powers, or was a particularly well-known character of the Marvel Universe prior to her appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger, but Hayley Atwell won everyone over by playing the strong, smart and spunky heroine who won the heart of Captain America,while still being a proven and accomplished government agent. But if you thought that the season two finale of Agent Carter was going to be the end, Atwell herself says think again.  (more…)


The end of Star Wars Rebels season two had more than a few surprises, not to mention some pretty startling long-term repercussions for the crew of the Ghost as they and other rebel fighters try to return peace and order to the galaxy. With the climactic high from “Twilight of the Apprentice” still in the air, and the undying excitement over all things Star Wars, it came as no surprise that the longest line of the morning at Fan Expo Canada today was for the North American premiere of Rebels third season opener, “Steps into Shadow.” So what fate awaits the Rebels this season? Aside from the arrival of Grand Admiral Thrawn, of course.  (more…)