Confessions of a ‘Community’ Super Fan

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A passionate and focused Community community organizer, Catherine Boyd has been mentioned in the New York Daily News, on MTV Geek, and several like sites thanks to the flash mobs and other fan events that she has worked to set up in an effort to bring attention to her favorite show’s perpetual ratings struggle.

Now, in the midst of what may be the show’s deepest struggle, one that isn’t just about ratings, but the very soul of the show, Catherine and her merry band of Community Super-Fans continue doing everything they can to keep the show on air.

In our interview, we ask Catherine why Community inspires her, what she thinks about Dan Harmon’s departure, and the show’s recent struggles.


Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise is known for it’s cartoons, toys and the turn based monster battling game that started one of best selling franchises in gaming history. Now replace all that with ‘Pokémon Type: Wild’, a fan-made and playable video game taking those basic moves and evolving them into fast-paced fist fights. Whoever made this game thank you, this gives those of us that feel we’re a bit too old for the Pocket Monsters another chance to enjoy Pikachu onscreen again. Cute little lighting mouse.

If you want to play this you can follow our download link and follow the how to if you need help. It’s sad that Nintendo really lost out on not thinking of this years ago but the injunction could be anytime so play it while you can.

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Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash: The Fan Film Edition

When people get sick of waiting for a sequel that’s never going to happen, they start to get downright desperate. Fans will do anything to see a another movie for a franchise that’s been dead in the water for years, anything from writing their own scripts to even holding protests for them. Trent Duncan on the other hand decided to go a different route, bypassed the studio big leagues and made his own kick ass fan film for Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.

Blending just the right amount of blood, babes and cheese into the film industries’ most underrated threesome next to the Austin Powers series. We know; Freddy and Jason don’t look half as scary as their big-budget brothers but the film was made with next to nothing, I’d like to see you pull this off on a weekend. Someone please hire Trent to make a fully fleshed out version of this movie, it’d be a dream come true. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Here’s a look at the plot:
Sisters Lucy (Maddie Bright) and Holly (Ashley Brooke) are stranded with their friend Danielle (Erica Lea Shelton) on the roadside as Freddy Krueger (Danny Zetwo) and Jason Voorhees (Cheyenne Hess) team up to hunt and manipulate the stranded ladies in order to transport Ash Williams (Adam Henrickon) back to this world and seek their ultimate revenge.

Judging by that ending we could see a possible follow-up to this fan made marvel someday and that’ll be a treat even the king himself would enjoy.

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Oh R2D2, You’re Scrumptious

r2d2-cakeI consider myself the leading nerd cake expert here on Nerdbastards, with only one previous cake post under my belt, because of my vast knowledge of the c… Who am I kidding? I’m no expert, but luckily it doesn’t take one to bring you fellow nerds a slice of pun.. That didn’t even make sense. But either way, thanks to Goblinqueen, on Deviantart, we are now able to enjoy the “One Tasty Droid” cake. A Star Wars nerd’s fantasy cake outfitted with edible glitter and even a functioning light… Sad to say, I’m quite certain this isn’t the only fantasy a Star Wars nerd has involving edible glitter. But I’m not judging. Goblinqueen was even awesome enough to take it a step further and dye the inside a blue/green color to make is look like motherboards and circuitry. I know, I know. “Where is the Princess Leia boob cake”? I asked myself the exact same thing. That idea gives mays to a multitude of candle placing arrangements, all naughty. I suppose we’ll just have to wait. Or, pester her mercilessly until she concedes after breaking down from emotional stress and the shock of her financial situation after trying to pay for all the legal counseling she needed to try and file for restraining orders for internet nerds. Ahhh, but this is only fantasy, we’ll have to wait. But in the mean time we can most definitely enjoy this R2D2 cake. Although I didn’t find any other cakes in her seemingly endless pages of deviations, I did see some very talented, badass artwork. Be sure to give her a gander and Enjoy!

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Dyson’s Bladeless Fan: Blow Me

Fan 1

When it comes to fans, I always have one in my bedroom. Middle of winter, the window is open and the fan is on. I cannot sleep without it. I lay in bed, spread eagle with only my boxers on. Next to me, my girlfriend, with 3 layers of clothes on, my black comforter, her comforter, and a knit blanket wrapped around her, teeth chattering while she is yelling at me to turn the fan so its not facing her. Awww…this is heaven, for me anyways. So, when I saw this new bladeless fan (even though there are blades in the motor) I was kinda interested. After all, try cleaning a fan. Not as easy as it looks. And a fan can get dirty very quickly if your like me and dusting is on the lower end of the to-do list. My take on it: the thing is ugly. It is a round hole. Why in hell would I want something ugly in my room let alone spend $299-$329 on it? I wouldn’t. Ok, so at least I won’t chop my finger off-but if I did it would probably be cheaper to have my finger sewn back on rather then buy this thing. And here’s my question, why is it considered a “window” fan if obviously it has a stand and probably wouldn’t even fit in a window? Just a question. I might be more inclined to like it if were called something more suitable, like, a TABLE fan. Just a thought. The thing might be all wonderful and work great but for $25 I have a big old fan that is marvelous and does just what I need it do; keep me comfortable and keep my girlfriend freezing cold so she can’t cuddle with me. Check it out for yourselves. Would you buy this thing? And if you would what is wrong with you?