Deadpool Takes Over Fandango’s Twitter

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The marketing for the upcoming Deadpool movie has been the most brilliant advertising campaign for a movie ever, bar none. Whichever presidential candidate ends up snatching this advertising team away from 20th Century Fox is the one that will win. From romantic comedy posters to the 12 Days of Deadpool to poo emoji billboards, the marketing for Deadpool is on point! This trend continued recently when Deadpool took over the Twitter account of Fandango for a little fan Q&A. Check out some of the highlights below!


The Dark Knight Rises may not be hitting theaters until July 20, but tickets are on sale as of now.  Sales are hot for this one already, so if you really, really need to see it at the opening midnight show, you’d best be on your way as soon as possible.  Reports are in that Fandango has already sold out multiple midnight IMAX shows and if things keep going the way they are the whole opening weekend will likely be sold out before you manage to finish reading this article.

In fact, sales of opening weekend tickets have been so rampant that the Fandango website has been experiencing multiple crashes and errors.  Never fear, however, as if you are persistent enough you can battle through these glitches to get your tix eventually.

Over an hour of the new flick is shot in “true IMAX,” which (and I did not know this) requires a 70mm IMAX screen to view properly.  Some theaters feature digital IMAX, but apparently this isn’t quite the same deal.  So if you’re hardcore about it, you’re going to need to check with your local theaters to see what kind of screen they’re presenting it on in order to get the full experience.

So, fanboys and Dark Knight fanatics… get ready… get set… and go buy!  Once again: the Fandango website is selling them right now.

Those of us that don’t care too much about seeing the movie at midnight or in IMAX get the stress-free option of purchasing our tickets at the movie theater, like everyone used to have to do back in the “good ol’ days.”

Btw, if you finished this article from top to bottom, you may have already missed your chance to get tickets.  Nerdbastards sincerely apologizes but claims no responsibility or liability for the chaos that is the Dark Knight Rises opening weekend.


Thanks to screenrant for the scoop.