Fantastic Voyage

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The cinematic landscape has been littered with remakes and reboots almost since the first moving pictures were shown commercially. But lately we have been getting new versions of classic pictures that are still very much in the public consciousness such as Total Recall (2012) and this year’s Point Break. That neither of these was either wanted or well received seems to be beyond the point. And the recent trend for basically effectively remaking an original film with some of the older characters still present also seems to also be gaining traction, although efforts such as Creed (Rocky all over again) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (it’s the same story!) are at least excellent viewing.  (more…)


The remake of 1966 classic Fantastic Voyage has been in the very definition of development hell over the past decade, bogged down in a succession of writes, re-writes and a revolving door of attached stars and directors. The latest director to be in talks is Guillermo del Toro, whose experience and love of body horror could prove a wonderful and tantalizing mix to the project. Based at 20th Century Fox, the film is with Lightstorm Entertainment, headed by none other than James Cameron, a man who makes what he says he will make, even if it does take a long time. This would have been a perfect project for Cameron himself were he not Pandora-based for the foreseeable future. Previous directors linked include Roland Emmerich, Shawn Levy (with Hugh Jackman rumored to be attached at the time) and Jason Bourne helmer Paul Greengrass. (more…)

Wolverine on a Fantastic Voyage

Spandex? Check. An amazing adventure? Check. Hugh Jackman kicking ass? Check!

According to GeekTyrant, there is a distinct possibility that Jackman could end starring in the 3D remake of Fantastic Voyage set to be directed by Shawn Levy (director of Jackman’s upcoming film Real Steel, which I am on the fence about). Jackman and robot boxing? It could be good, or just an absolute train wreck.

The original film was incredible … or day I say, fantastic?

The film was made during the Cold War, and revolved around a team of scientists who are shrunk to atomic size and sent on a miniature submarine to save the life of a defecting Soviet scientist. They then travelled around the body of the scientist, trying to elude the body’s defenses and save not only the scientist’s life, but their own as well. The special effects were incredible back then, and with CGI effects, it could be that way again. The new film will follow the original story, except the Cold War part.

What do you think of this intriguing little rumor?