Hey, remember when Syfy showed science fiction? How many times have you heard that question asked amongst the nerderati or amongst your circle of nerdish friends? See, there was once this time that the Sci-Fi channel, later rebranded SyFy in a much maligned and mocked marketing campaign, but the somewhat radical respelling of “sci-fi” came with a shift to do less compelling and original programming, and do more cheap reality shows and ridiculously over-the-top “original” movies like Sharknado, Dinocroc Vs Supergator, et al. In a surprising and interesting new interview, one SyFy exec is saying that the channel screwed the pooch when it comes to their programming the last few years, and at a time when genre TV has been booming on other network to boot. (more…)

Is a ‘Farscape’ Movie on the Horizon?


While he’s been busy working on such series as Revolution and DefianceFarscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon hasn’t lost sight of his now decade-old baby. Fans have been wondering if O’Bannon would ever return to the Farscape universe after the show ended, and now it seems like there might be a glimmer of hope that astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder) could resume his adventures on a screen near you.


‘Farscape’ Spin-Off Flick is in the Works


Cult favorite science fiction series Farscape, created by Rockne S. O’Bannon, was one of the best original creations of the old Sci-Fi Channel, and a brainchild of the famed Jim Henson Company. Running from 1999 to 2003, the series was supposed to get five seasons, but ended up getting cancelled after only four and ending on a cliffhanger. Co-producer Brian Henson secured the rights to the series, and made the miniseries Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars to tie up the show’s loose ends….

But that doesn’t mean Farscape fans aren’t still hungry for more:  (more…)


Hey, did you hear about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign? There may have been something in the news about it.

Anyhoo, it’s awakened all kinds of desire in creators to kickstart movies based on their cancelled cult TV shows, and Rockne S. O’Bannon is no exception. The creator of such series as The CW’s Cult and Sy-Fy’s upcoming Defiance is still looking at his past successes, and is considering, as some point, getting made a feature film based on Farscape.

The series, which followed the adventures of human astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder) who falls through a wormhole, ends up on the opposite end of the universe and falls in with a crew of escaped convicts on a living ship called Moya who are relentlessly pursued by all manners of bad guys, ended in 2003 after four seasons on Sci-Fi (now Sy-Fy). And although the series’ main storyline was wrapped nicely with the 2004 miniseries The Peacekeeper Wars, O’Bannon says there’s still more story to tell.

Here’s what he told SciFiNow:

“A feature [film] is something we’ve talked about. That’s not out of the question. Obviously, Firefly found new life in features as Serenity, so it can happen. We continue to talk about it. I would love to go and revisit that world.

I don’t know that it would necessarily come back as a series. But I’m in touch with [co-creator] Brian Henson… and we’re always talking about where else we could next present that world.”

Farscape was enjoyable enough, I wasn’t a huge fan but at least appreciated the creative energy of the series. Of course, I think I’d rather see a reboot of another O’Bannon project, one that didn’t live up to its potential or really get its due. Say it with me: seaQuest DSV movie! Natch.

What do you Bastards think? Would you pay money for a Farscape movie.

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If anyone here has the balls to tell me they didn’t like Farscape from back in the day then I feel I’m in the right to tell you that I have a collection of Gil Hibben knives and am inclined to cut you should we ever meet in person. Seriously, that show was right up there with SeaQuest DSV! Not many sci-fi shows can touch Farscape for originality in scripts and characters, inventiveness and depth in the story-lines. The list of goods things in this series goes on and on. The creativity is virtually unmatched. Did I mention puppets? Ya, it had puppets. PUPPETS!  Simply put: one  ofthe finest Sci-Fi shows put out on television ever. It was canceled way before it’s time.

Sadly, the show is never coming back, but it’s creator Rockne S. O’Bannon has some news that might excite you. Apparently, he’s got a new television series with SyFy percolating.

On April 16th, Rock O’Bannon twittered this little news tidbit:

Great meeting at Syfy yesterday. New project. HUGE. New series. Very excited. Very, very excited.

Whats this now!? What is this new show? A whole new space opera or the long rumored Alien Nation reboot (which I blame io9 for speculating) ? Don’t ask us. We have no idea. No other details have been revealed on the series. We’re just hoping for something new and original.  A new space-based alien series would be nice. It’s very much needed for the station becoming known for canceling quality shows in favor or wrestlers and quirky TV chefs. Give us the aliens and the pew pew. We gotta have it.

I expect nothing but the best fron O’Bannon. It’s SyFy I’m worried about. Whatever the show is, it will undoubtedly be shuffled around the schedule, then canceled halfway through the second season.

source: io9